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12/22/2016 Walgreens - Melisa helped me place a order. She was so kind
Melisa helped me place a order. She was so kind and helpful

MarieRead More
5/9/2014 I am a customer at Walgreens located on Quebec and
I am a customer at Walgreens located on Quebec and Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree, Colorado. I arrived at Walgreens 15 minutes before closing, trying to get a copy for my grandson's second grade school project. The manager Kylee, Ann Marie, and Kevin were very accommodating and helpful in providing me suggestions for his project that was going to be turned in the following day. Although a copy could not be made, they suggested an alternative to have a photo made instead, which, by they way, was so very useful and beautiful. I took a survey this morning but the timeline had expired. I wanted the administration to know that your three employees had gone beyond the call of duty to help me. I want them to be recognized and to know that I had appreciated them for their time and patience in helping me in our time of need. I am most grateful and I thank you kindly for their excellent service. Thank you kindly...

ShirleyRead More
3/28/2014 Walgreens - I was billed $40.00 from wal greens to my discover
I was billed $40.00 from wal greens to my discover card. I dont remember the purchase. I am now going to the store to try to find out what I was billed for, as the girl at head quarters didn't understand my problem. I just read all the experiences these people had and not one is complimentary. I will let you know the outcome.

sadie fosterRead More
12/15/2012 My coupon sent to me by Walgreens is not honored
My coupon sent to me by Walgreens is not honored at Walgreen!!!!

Got a coupon from WALGREENS for $25.00 per Rx transfer since Wally and Express kissed and made up. 1st 2 I transfered, got my $50.00. Next 4 I transfered, they had NO idea what I was talking about.


RickRead More
8/29/2012 Walgreens - Spent the last two hours trying unsuccessfully to
Spent the last two hours trying unsuccessfully to navigate Walgreen's website, it's "live chat" assistance, and finally it's telephone Help Line. All three were badly designed, operated slowly and inconsistently, would frustrate a man to drink, and failed to provide any help whatsoever.

In sum, Walgrees is so large that they can get away with providing poor customer service, half-hearted efforts at customer assistance, and mediocre help from poorly trained low quality workers. There is not anything we can do about it except complain in forums like this. And the Walgreen's executives with sufficient power to change things could care less because they continue to be overpaid ruthless corporate assassins killing off the Mom & Pop drugstores that actually used to give a damn about sick people.

Just to prove how right I am about this, I'll give my full name and address below and will leave an additional comment informing readers in the unlikely event that any Walgreen's executive ever responds. Don't hold your breath.

Christopher M. LohseRead More
6/16/2012 Walgreens - Homewood, Illinois:Pharmacist stood in front of
Homewood, Illinois:
Pharmacist stood in front of me, stared me in the eyes, and SLOWLY zipped up his pants zipper.

It took 1 wasted trip and 4 days to get a simple RX filled - I was never notified when it was ready.

I went to the website to file a complaint - and the website is down - "come back later".

This company is surely going under... Deservedly so.

DianeRead More
5/18/2012 I can see that to complain to Walgreens is a
I can see that to complain to Walgreens is a joke........ no response, no compassion,
no carring ..... just take it and like or go somewhere else ....

discusted ,TexasRead More
3/10/2012 Walgreens - Horrible Experience! 2703 Park Street Jacksonville
Horrible Experience! 2703 Park Street Jacksonville Fl

I went to Walgreens yesterday with my daughter to get 2 items: toothpaste and Afrin nasal spray. Toothpaste was no problem. A couple of weeks ago a walgreens Coupon printed out with my receipt for the Afrin for $5! And I saw that the march Walgreens coupon booklet had $1 off any Afrin. Now, neither coupon had any restrictions, except the size which said 0.5 oz. So I got the cheapest Afrin at $6.74, but the register wouldn't take either of the Afrin coupons. The manager that came up was crazy! He began the conversation by yelling at me that he wasnt sure about the origin of this coupon and that he would try it one more time and then "that is it for you!" then he changed his mind because he said that he couldn't tell if it was from Walgreens or not. During this rant, the other employees were trying to interrupt him to tell him that it DID say Walgreens, but he talked over them and me until I finally leaned over the counter and pointed at the LARGE Walgreens logo on the coupon and said "Wal-greens."

Instead of acknowledging me, he said, "This coupon is too short, it doesn't look like ours. I can't take it because it's too short." I will admit it was short, but only because half of it had been an ad with a dotted line to cut it. The dotted line was still visible and obvious. This manager would not let me speak, he was loud and rude and spoke to me with obvious disgust. So at this point, he picks up my coupons and my merchandise and walks away. He said nothing to me, but shouts back to his employee, "Take the next customer!" then disappears around the corner. The cashier and I both look at each other, dumbfounded, until I said I would just wait near the photo area until he came back.

When he returned, he had gotten a different Afrin (no-drip) to see if it would work because that was in the picture on the store coupon. Now let me mention that this was NOT the actual product in the picture, but another Afrin product that was no-drip. The coupon scanned for this product just fine, so he angrily begins to tell me that had I just gotten what the coupon was intended for, we wouldn't be having this problem. (Now, I want to take this moment to say that at this point in the conversation, I had barely been allowed to speak.) I said in response to him that I didn't see anywhere on either coupon that said it had to be for a No-Drip product. He said it said it was in the picture. I said that the product he had scanned wasn't in the picture either, and how are customers supposed to know what the store coupons are for? Just keep trying till something sticks?

Then I said, "Nevermind, I don't want it, give me my coupon back." At this point he looks at me and snarls, "I don't know which one you want back." and THROWS my coupons down at me. So I pick them up, take the $5 Afrin coupon and give back the others. He rings up my purchase, and is VISIBLY angered when a $3 Register Reward prints out. As he hands me the receipt, I told him that I will be calling corporate about this, and that I wanted to be clear that I am not calling about the coupons not working, but about his attitude problem.

Needless to say, this is the last straw with Walgreens. The employees are never nice, just tolerable. And this is the third time that I have had an extremely rude manager at this location, although this particular experience takes the cake! I don't know why he hated me. Maybe it was the fact that I had a couple of coupons. What I do know is that I will NEVER go back here.

AmberRead More
11/29/2011 Walgreens - Guayama, PR went to pay 5 boxes Ferrero Rocher 2
Guayama, PR went to pay 5 boxes Ferrero Rocher 2 for $6.00 & 1 Rafello 2/$6.00 was told by cashier couldn't combine the candies. Cupon for revlon brushes 1 reg price get 1 free told by cashier had to be the same picture. Russel Stoufer buy 1 get 1 free told it wasn't so. by now I'm losing my patience, cashier calls supervisor, gives me the brush cupon no problem, the cashier cannot believe it, the russel stouffer candy also. The Rafello candy big problem, this the supervior claims is not the one in flyer, she even opens box to count candies, I give up forget it I say, no it's only $3.00 she replies, ok only to get home & find out the cashier charged me for 2 Rafello's the joke was on me. Do I go back & make a scene no just write me off as a customer.

ElsieRead More
10/25/2011 the walgreens in copperas cove flat out lies about
the walgreens in copperas cove flat out lies about when scripts will be ready. you can turn them in and get a time from the same person, verify it and take their name and even re-verify it after you get home over the phone and sure enough, the next day only one will be available with multiple excuses about the rest and the person who made the promise is always off the day or gone to lunch and NEVER the same pharmacist. don't use the walgreens in copperas cove texas. they are incompetent liars, h.s. dropouts and illegal aliens working there.................a bunch of idiots.

billRead More
10/7/2011 Walgreens - What is the point of writting a comment if it will
What is the point of writting a comment if it will be edited by "webmaster"?
Recieved a call from the pharmacy that my prescrption is ready at my convienence.Walked inside store because needed a few more items for the house.I did not have anything on file and simply curious.Well it turned out be a an old bottle of percocet when i underwent partial removal of my prostate..Didn't need them.still had some in medicine chest.Now please remember they called me..Now the young woman that waited on me ask me what was I doing with so much medication?Am I selling it on the street or do I need rehab?I just stared at this little ignorant woman and told her she can take her medicine and the cans of dogfood and please insert it where the sun don't shine...By the way I am a healthy 73 years old and noe rive the extra bloks to my local CVS..Rather not give my name.By the wat the St,Charles St. location is in a very affluent location in Houma.

Insulted to no endRead More
10/5/2011 My husband went to the Walgreens at 2295 East Bay
My husband went to the Walgreens at 2295 East Bay Drive in Largo Fl. He arrived @ 7:30 pm on Oct. 4th, 2011. The Pharmacist (Angie) told him that my prescription had expired, but she gave him 3 pills to "hold me over". He did not have the bottle with him; so he took her at her word. Bad judgment call. I was released from the hospital that evening; I was home resting. I awoke at 12:10am. There was a note from him stating the issue. I looked at the bottle and it clearly stated 3 refills before Oct. 5, 2011. I called this pharmacy and told them how I was illegally denied my prescription. I have the print out that states the time, date, and that husband was waiting for prescription. I am tired of your pharmacy thinking it has the right to over-ride my doctor’s orders, illegally deny me a refill. I am to call the pharmacy tomorrow and talk to the pharmacist who lacked intellect to read yesterdays date. They can give out 3 pills on a supposedly expired prescription but refuse to fill a prescription that should have been refilled without hesitation. Then I am threatened over the phone at 12:10 am by the Pharmacist Sara stating she was going to fill it; but because I was upset and she did not like my attitude; she is going to make me wait and call tomorrow. I had other issues with egos from Walgreen pharmacist thinking they can treat customer with disrespect; but when a customer treats them with the same disrespect; they illegally deny the customer their rights. Your corporate office has yet to return my call on any issues; neither has the district manager. However, I was outside at the Redbox DVD rental and the district manager and pharmacist were walking past me laughing and stating the name and issue a customer had with them. Strict violation of HIPPA law. I have contacted the local news media about this latest dealing with Walgreens. It is time for Walgreens to be humiliated and held accountable for their actions or lack of. People contact your local media; they love stories like this!!

LauraRead More
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