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12/31/2013 UPS (Canada) - UPS Canada company is not reliable! - User Purolator
This company is not reliable!!!!!!!! I would go with Purolator Next time and anyone else for that matters!!!!!! Christmas Gifts sent from Alabama never arived and its New Year Eve NO PARCLE Come To the Conclusion this company hires incompanant workers and thieves!!!!!!!

JayneRead More
10/30/2012 UPS (Canada) - Hello UPS,Do not advertise as an Express delivery.
Hello UPS,
Do not advertise as an Express delivery. UPS was unable to deliver on time and did not refund the postage paid either. VERY DISAPPOINTED with the service. No more business from me for sure.

NMRead More
10/29/2012 UPS (Canada) - UPS is unbelievably incompetent!! I received a
UPS is unbelievably incompetent!! I received a delivery notice that a package that requires my signature would be delivered on the second attempt the next day. The driver actually ticked off three boxes for the delivery time. So, he expected me not to leave my house from 10:30 am until "after" 5 pm!!!!!! Who the heck stays in their house that long waiting for a parcel to be delivered. It gets worse!! I then called UPS who told me there was nothing they could do and that I had to wait as their driver did not know when he would be at my house. I told him that was unacceptable business practice and requested his supervisor. He repeatedly argued with me and would not give me his supervisor. He finally told me his supervisor WOULD NOT speak to me!! That their company policy stated I did not get to speak to a supervisor for my problem!!! I never did get one to come on line!! UPS then finally said he would send an email to have the driver call me with a time. I asked him why on earth he did not do that in the first place and he told me he was " not supposed to do this ". Apple is using this company to deliver its products and they should stop using them NOW!! Apple is a fantastic company and UPS does not live up to their standards!! They are a joke!!never use them!!!

PamRead More
9/24/2012 UPS (Canada) - I had a package shipped from Las Vegas to my home
I had a package shipped from Las Vegas to my home in Airdrie ALberta. They made the 1st attempt on 19th of Sept. I was at work so I went on line and requested that it be delivered on Friday the 21 of Sept, I would be home that day. Well it was delivered on the Thursday the 20th, 2nd attempt, I was not home, I was at work. The only person home during the day is my cat, and she cant sign her name. I then called UPS in Newbrunswick Call centre, and advised them to ship it to my work address on Friday sept 21, someone called me back advising it would be delievered Friday the 21st. It didt arrive. Monday, the 24th I went on line to look it up, and found that they needed an adress to ship it to, and couldnt find one, so it went out to be delivered to the original address again, in Airdrie, on the 24th. I am so mad, I gave them the new address to hip to in Calgary. Unbelievable, incompetint. I called again, advising there is no one in Airdrie to receive it. Why is it not being shipped to Calgary? Well she didnt no. Someone will call me from the Calagry office before 10 am today. I have never had such poor service, I will never use UPS again. There call centre in in Asia no one has a phone number, everything is by message and no one can get it right. How can they operate a business like this!!! rediculous...never never never use them !!!

DebbieRead More
5/28/2012 UPS (Canada) - May 2nd 1 ordered a product ,on the 15th i
May 2nd 1 ordered a product ,on the 15th i phoned the company ,and they could not understand why it had not bee delivered,so they traced it and finnaly tracted it to this address,they told me it had been signed for at the front desk,at the office---well we have no front desk,neither an office--- ,we are in a condominium,and no front desk and no one would sign for anyone unless told to but arround the 25th or so someone noticed a small yellow sticker on the outside of the door entrance to the building where anyone off the street could have taken it---no-one noticed it for about 2 weeks,and here was this UPS note,so i went to theUPS store and they had it,---THEY PROBABLY SIGNED FOR IT BUT NEVER PHONED --AND they would have sent it back to the sender in the USA. This delivery guy even put the wrong APT. NO on the little note that he left,he put 106 when it should have read 117. What is the matter with these delivery guys. The people at the UPS store never apollogised it seemed quite normal to them. This mistake was made in

5/27/2012 UPS (Canada) - I'm in jamaica n shipped a birthday card for my
I'm in jamaica n shipped a birthday card for my girlfriend in canada from Tuesday n it still didn't get to her n today is sunday her birthday now she is crying saying she feel sad because she wanted the card on time so now I'm disappointed in this service

ziggieRead More
5/19/2012 UPS (Canada) - I shipped personal items from the US to myself at
I shipped personal items from the US to myself at a Canadian address. It was promised two days ago. They finally put it on a delivery truck today, but the driver decided to get an early jump on his long holiday weekend and gave up delivering packages before he completed his route. No one works on the holiday so it will be three more days until they deliver. So much for customer service and any work ethic. Learned my lesson! Never, ever, use these guys in Canada, they are incompetent I will use all of the social to warn others that they are totally unreliable with little to no customer support.

Screwed customerRead More
5/4/2012 UPS (Canada) - My experience with Unbelievably Poor Service (UPS)
My experience with Unbelievably Poor Service (UPS) I shipped 2 packages from Cloverdale to Edmonton (a table top and legs). I was on vacation in the lower mainland and live in Edmonton. The packages had original manufacturing packaging and the lying person at UPS in Cloverdale said they would take good care of the packages and I did NOT need the additional insurance. Fragile stickers were put on the packages, which were clearly ignored. The table arrived broken. UPS now has the table or has destroyed it (can't get a straight answer to this question) and refuses to reimburse me for the table $558.88 and shipping $220.00. So they took my table, didn't deliver the table and now I am out $778.00. The incompetency is inconceivable.

CarolynnRead More
4/26/2012 UPS (Canada) - Never arrive expected time. Always late and takes
Never arrive expected time. Always late and takes long time to clear the custom with plenty of inconvenience. All people I talked to were un-resoponsible and don't know anything. And why all shipment go to the destination not directly? go through every cities. Never use it again.

Ban UPS CanadaRead More
4/9/2012 UPS (Canada) - I ordered a package and the delivery was a
I ordered a package and the delivery was a HORROR.


Every person I talked to give me different answers..

Promises of delivery that were not kept.

5 days... and I'm still waiting.

LynxRead More
2/15/2012 UPS (Canada) - this company is
this company is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this makes no sense ordered jan31 and have not received my order yet I WILL NEVER AGAIN ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE SHUTDOWN AND NEVER ALLOWED TO OPEN IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT ONE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FATCAT

fatcatRead More
1/31/2012 UPS (Canada) - i am extremely disappointed in there service. i
i am extremely disappointed in there service. i ordered a head band from aldo and still have not received it 10 days later and they keep saying tomorrow they'll come and never DO! very frustrating. first and last time with ups i swear.

anti-upsRead More
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