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6/7/2017 Trane phone number - I purchased a trane AC unit over a York because of
I purchased a trane AC unit over a York because of quality. The unit it made it through one summer and today I found out there is a bad TXV on a unit that lasted 1!!!!! Summer. This is insane and horrible customer service. So my brand new AC unit makes it through one summer and repairs are 400-500 dollars!!!!

MikeRead More
1/10/2017 Trane phone number - My name is Tommy, I am trying to find out how
My name is Tommy, I am trying to find out how often should I do a teardown on my Trane CHVE 910 chillers, and how could I get a copy of Trane's recommendations on the frequency of these teardowns, please advise at

TommyRead More
1/9/2017 Trane phone number - My company wants me to get in writing from the
My company wants me to get in writing from the Trane Co. the recommendation on how often should we do a teardown or overhaul on our 910 ton CVHE Chillers, so that I can get a qualified Trane service representative to do a teardown/overhaul in the near future, please advise at

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12/14/2015 Trane phone number - How could this company operate in USA?
How could this company operate in the USA?

We live in hot and humid Louisiana, about three years ago we bought and installed two top of the line model XL20i for around 24 thousand dollars and the most we ever didn't have to call the technician back was about two months. our old system was Carrier that lasted over 20 years almost trouble free, Why there is no Trane customer service number to call and ask questions or ask for help.
I wonder if the Lemon laws apply because I am about asking for my lawyer to help out since as I am writing this we are sitting in a hot room and just waiting.
Does anybody know a customer service phone number for Trane?

SiaRead More
10/27/2015 Trane phone number - I bought a Trane in Oct 2005. They say you can't
I bought a Trane in Oct 2005. They say you can't stop a Trane, well our"s never got started. 2 day after it was installed they had to replace it. It's been nothing but problems. It starts and stops at least 6 or 7 times before it runs. Circuit board was replace 5 yrs ago, kept doing the same thing. Thermostat was replaced, switch was replaced. Paid extra for a humidifier, it quite working 6 yrs ago. On my service reports from One Hour the repairmen wrote "don"t know what the problem is, can"t locate the reason furnace shuts off and on. Of course the warranty ran out, they kept jacking around. Called Trane rep. he's worthless. Going to report them to the better business. DON'T BUY A TRANE THAT WON'T RUN.

Jane Hiatt @ Tom OdomRead More
10/18/2015 Trane phone number - My Trane A/C needed a new compressor. Was
My Trane A/C needed a new compressor. Was installed by a local company that handles Trane A/C. to the tune of $1500. And it was under warranty. HA!!! Not happy.

CandyRead More
10/16/2015 Trane phone number - I have a Trane HVAC unit, installed 2006. Since
I have a Trane HVAC unit, installed 2006. Since 2006, I have had to suffer the heat and humidity every summer waiting for the unit to be repaired before it will run, and every the fall/ winter, we freeze for at least a month while waiting for repair and or parts before it will run. the motor has had to be replaced three times in the furnace, and the ac has had several new motors as well as numerous other issues. The entire electric panel inside the furnace has been replaced numerous times because it was completely rusted. Trane seldom pays the technicians who do the work, ( per the tech. verbal complaints to me) so now I have difficulty even finding a certified tech that will even return my calls. This has been going on for 10 years, and now my 10 year warranty is expired, and of course, I turned the thermostat on for heat and once again, for the 10th straight year in a row, no heat! It won't even run. After the third year of this, I told trane that I want a new unit to replace this lemon, and have continued the request twice a year to present. they continuously refuse. So here I am, a single struggling mother of 3, stuck with a broke down furnace. Freezing. "Nothing stops a trane" JOKE.

ChristenRead More
6/29/2015 Trane phone number - Called Trane asked where the Perfit air housing was made
Called Trane asked where the Perfit air housing was made ? Was told Georgia. Ordered one from the dealer. 2 weeks later received 2 of them. Made in China wtf. Went to dealer to return them. They want to change me a 50% restocking fee. I'll never deal with Trane and their foreign crap again.

Proud American WorkerRead More
6/18/2015 Trane phone number - We have had our 3 ton Trane unit for almost seven
We have had our 3 ton Trane unit for almost seven years and it has been nothing but a problem and still is. No one wants to be accountable for the problems, and all they do is put a band aid on the problem until another issue with the unit arrises. We have spent almost 5,000 in repairs and still can't get any satisfaction. We can't seem to make contact with a Trane supervisor and the installer Orangutan supervisor said that Trane won't do anything because the unit is already seven years old. Last time I will do business with Trane.


JoeRead More
6/8/2015 Trane phone number - My experience with customer service was positive.
My experience with customer service was positive. She gave me the information to move forward and verified questions I had regarding the warranty. We installed our Trane in late October 1914. We have never used the air or the heat pump as the compressor never worked. Today they are putting in the third compressor,this includies the original one. My question is at what point do you replace the entire unit? Our new furnace worked without an issue because the furnace is independent of the compressor. At this time we still are without air conditioning. It will be interesting to see how today unfolds.

JudyRead More
6/3/2015 Trane phone number - Called the Company because tech unable to locate
Called the Company because tech unable to locate part. Very hands off and likes to pass the buck back to tech or dealer. I'm a 100% disabled veteran with breathing problems and after being with out A/C for seven days while their repairman tried to get the part not good .( still without a/c) This is one Traine I'd like to get off. The unit's two years old.

JamesRead More
8/23/2014 Trane phone number - Terry Trane of Jackson Mississippi has been
Terry Trane of Jackson Mississippi has been sending old air conditioners home with an employee for years in residential area. The employee runs a business from his home on the side. He takes the a.c.'s apart a sales the metal and copper, and refurbish some a.c.'s to sell on the side. He has had as many as 50 a.c.'s back there, I have a lot of pictures. I have called EPA for 11 years, and Madison County. Madison County wrote the employee up for hazardous waste in 2010, but said he could still run a business from his home. Madison County went a talked to Trane, Trane told them that he was a good old boy. I guess so, this employee is saving Trane a fortune. All 4 house's around this employee has brain problems. 2 has brain tumors with 1 dead, 2 fibromyalgia 1 with CNS disorder. My fibromyalgia Doctor told me that fibromyalgia starts from the brain. I take over 30 pills a day, no pain pills. I'm on a pain machine. My colon has not worked in 4 years, I have to have surgery. My muscles feel so week, that my bones are coming apart. A.C.'s in residential area is an environmental hazard. They are full of deadly chemicals. Only could happen in a ignorant State like Mississippi!

RobRead More
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