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9/22/2016 My latest visit to the Taco Bell on
My latest visit to the Taco Bell on Worthington-Galena Road in Worthington, OH was superb thanks to associate Armani L who cared that I would be happy. My crunchy tacos were supremely fresh & crispy(!) and everything tasted great! Hope he is there on my next visit!!

PatRead More
7/21/2016 Taco Bell - Bentonville Ar is with the rest I stood at the
Bentonville Ar is with the rest I stood at the counter for 40 minutes waiting on my order. Never again.

DennyRead More
7/4/2016 The Taco Bell in Belmont NC has to win at being
The Taco Bell in Belmont NC has to win at being the slowest most inept Taco Bell anywhere on the planet. All taco bells main flaw is that they DON'T MAKE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LARGE OR PICKY IDIOTIC ORDERS PULL UP AND WAIT LIKE EVERY OTHER FAST FOOD JOINT. Make THEM pull up and wait not the rest of us who just want a reg taco without some custom (I want extra cheese, and sour cream on half, and not so much meat) I hate those people its a fast food place you jerk just eat what they give you or go inside. The employees move like snails. Terrible service. And you can't complain to them at corp. because their website won't let you enter a time which makes it so you can't submit a comment. So apparently they are stupid from the TOP down.

jethroRead More
6/29/2016 Taco Bell - Got 3 items Drive Thru plus a large drink. Asked
Got 3 items Drive Thru plus a large drink. Asked for mild taco sauce. Got home 1 tiny packet of sauce for all the food. Called MONIQUE who claimed she was manager but I can't believe any manager could be so clueless to good customer service. She said one packet person, then changed her mind to 1 sauce per item. Told her I had 3 items! She didn't say sorry, she didn't offer a drink, nothing!! Second thing was the soft taco supreme had such a thin smear of meat in it that I thought there was none! I had to look to verify, couldn't taste meat at all. Not a sorry or a thing from "Manager Monique"! Told her I'd never buy there again and would tell all my friends how they did. Monique said "OK".....the manager didn't even care!!! UNBELIEVABLE! This was at Taco Bell 1525 E. Riverside Blvd, Loves Park, IL.

Dar GRead More
5/9/2016 Taco Bell - It started 5-3-2016, i had went to the Hope,
It started 5-3-2016, i had went to the Hope, Arkansas Taco Bell location drive thru. Ordered my food and went home. The next day, i noticed charged on my card, two separate transactions on my card. I went back the next day and they refunded my money on the transaction i did not make. Over the last 5 days there has been a transaction around the same time on my card at this location. I'm assuming the person responsible is an employee, because Taco Bell is the only place my card is being used. I'm filing a police report, the local police said this is not the first incident reported at this location recently. I would like compensation, or just the person held responsible to be fired from this location. It's really ridiculous that i can't even enjoy a quick meal from a place that i like. I'm an expecting mother and its a shame I cant trust someone to not take my information and steal my money.

AshleyRead More
1/17/2016 Taco Bell has to be the worst fast place in the area
This has to be the worst fast place in the area-Sabre St VA Beach VA. NOT one time have I been through this drive-thru and have received a correct order. The other night I went through-it was terrible out and all I wanted to do was get home and have dinner. I should have pulled over and checked my bag and I did not. I got home and 3 items were missing and 4 other items were made wrong. I called and was told to drive back up and they would credit me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? I told the manager that was not acceptable and how terrible her place was. she said sorry but that was all she could do. So now because your place screwed up again I have to go up there and inside with my receipt and say I need this money back. You should give me that plus free food for a week but that wouldn't make up for all the mess-ups I have had to deal with and never complained about. I am sick of it!!! Poor so very poor!!! What this manager should have said is-please give me your address and I will mail you a gift card for that and a little more, I know it doesn't help for tonight but having you drive back out for something we did wrong is not ok with us here at taco bell....NOW wouldn't that have been a better option? Train your people or get them replaced!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THIS ORDER-the food was terrible-missing-and wrong!!!

kittyhawkgrlRead More
11/26/2015 Taco Bell is denham springs sucks
Taco Bell is denham springs sucks. Get all the way home and food is missing. Now trieng to get in touch with them and can not. Very poor and they will fix this problem

RogerRead More
10/31/2015 Taco Bell - Pflugerville store #030073 had wonderful customer
Pflugerville store #030073 had wonderful customer service this eve. Kudos to Maria & Bernadette! Very smiley and even asked us while we were sitting down if we were doing ok and needed anything else. Thank u!

Rose&DanRead More
9/8/2015 I visited Taco Bell in North Myrtle Beach, SC
I visited Taco Bell in North Myrtle Beach, SC (024226) yesterday and was so impressed with the manager, Pam, that I felt compelled to comment. She was handling the lunch rush, had a truck come in and was training a new girl at the register with real expertise. She jumped in to help with anything that needed to be done (cleaning tables, sweeping floors, preparing food) all the while helping the new cashier and keeping her staff moving. I told her she was an asset to the company and I hoped Taco Bell knew what a good employee they had.

Jeri Shipplett
order # 102074

JeriRead More
9/8/2015 Taco Bell on 35th ave and Peoria in Phoenix AZ
Went to Taco Bell on 35th ave and Peoria in Phoenix az and they just sat there and ignored us for 10 min and there was no one else in the lobby. Finally we decided to leave. Worst customer service ever.

SteveRead More
9/4/2015 Avon Lake Ohio Taco Bell - Slow and Rude
I went to the Avon Lake Ohio Taco Bell. I waited in line 15 min and was never given an apology for the slow service. It was 745 pm and only 1 person in, line ahead of me. The manager Pam was rude and closed the window when I paid. While I waited you could see her laughing and talking to the employees. The rice in the cantina bowl was so hard it almost broke my teeth and it had no guacamole. My son ordered a habanero grilled and there was so much sauce he had to throw it away. I got no receipt so didn't have the store number or receipt number to fill out a complaint. I called the store and talked to a new employee named Tyler who went into a long explanation as to why the service was slow. He also informed me that I only waited 8 min. I don't know how this company survives, but I do know that they scrape the bottom of the barrel to find employees.

EvelynRead More
6/22/2015 Taco Bell - I decided to go onto the comment site to make some comments
I decided to go onto the comment site to make some suggestions for a veggie menu option...but when I read thru all the disgruntled customers.....I realized Taco Bell as a corporation has some significant issues to deal with before expanding their menu to anticipate the growing trend of non-meat eaters.....

Personally.....as a business owner....think you need to rethink who you hire.....an attentive and caring employee can save or drown a company.....

Good Luck Taco Bell....sounds like you have some issues to wade thru.

CindyRead More
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