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Macy's Department store carries clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes and Home Products for women, men and children.

Macy's USA Corporate
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Email Address: [email protected] Customer Service
P.O. Box 8215
Mason, OH 45040

7 Days a Week
9am to Midnight (Eastern)

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-289-6229
Credit Services: 1-877-493-9207
Corporate Phone : 1-513-579-7000
Furniture: 1-800-289-6229
Warranty: 1-800-289-6229 1-800-289-6229
Fax Number: n/a

Phone Number

1-800-289-6229Press 1; then press 2.


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8/14/2017 Macy's - Once again I was charged a $2.00 "late fee" on my
Once again I was charged a $2.00 "late fee" on my charge account. I paid the bill more than 2 weeks before the due date! When I called about the fee I got an electronic menu choice stating the $2 would be removed as a "courtesy", so obviously I'm not the only one being scammed this way. I plan to cancel my decades-old account and just pay cash from now on. Beware this rip-off!!

BevRead More
7/1/2017 Macy's - I just wanted to stop email ads coming to my email
I just wanted to stop email ads coming to my email address. I searched, and searched for a phone number or email address. I was routed through many different sites and finally just called the 800 number and got not much help, with recording. I finally got a person, who did not speak English very well and told him I wanted to be taken off their email list for ads. He went over my email & name and then said "please hold". I then waited on the phone a long time, listening to horrible music and he never came back to me. I then just hung up! What has happened to customer service"?
Also, customers who come into Macys are of ALL ages, young and older. I never here any music other than Rock, or worse. I just sometimes leave the store without buying anything, just to get out of there! Also, I have had to go to another department clear across the store to find a clerk, when buying something. This has happened too many times to mention!!!! Please consider your customers.


CressaRead More
5/16/2017 Macy's - I went to the Macy Dept store in Rooseveltfield,
I went to the Macy Dept store in Rooseveltfield, NY and asked for the balance of my account as I was going out of the country and wanted to settle my account. When I came back to the country and looked at the bill I was charged two late fees. When I called the Macys customer service department: First I was told yes they would be able to help me with the reversal but when a manager came on the line, she indicated it was impossible to assist me with the matter. Let me mentioned the late fee was higher than the purchase. I have had a Macys credit card for over thirty years and have always been a faithful shopper. NOW I SEE WHY THEY ARE CLOSING SO MANY STORES!!!!

kimRead More
12/31/2016 Macy's - Customer Service is non existent unless you are
Customer Service is non existent unless you are buying something. No account services at local stores. Long wait on telephone lines up to 30 minutes of a lousy recording of terrible music. Take the money; give nothing in return. Closed my account.

StellaRead More
12/14/2016 Macy's - Placed an order on 12/2, supposed to be shipped
Placed an order on 12/2, supposed to be shipped 12/.8. On 12/9 no shipment confirmation and no date change in the system so I called Customer Service (CS) only to be told they would have to email the warehouse for a status update and I would get an email with an update by Monday (12/12) ... on 12/12 no update, called CS again only to be told the item was no longer available. I asked for my order to be cancelled then so I would not be charged for it and was told by the CS rep that it was cancelled (but she could not provide any type of cancellation #). Approximately 2-1/2 hours later I withdrew money from my credit union account and went into the actual store to purchase the item (without artist signature) and asked to clerk to double check to make sure that my order in fact had been cancelled and when she spoke with customer service they told her they couldn't cancel the order because it had actually left their warehouse and was on route to UPS ... a tracking # would be emailed to me within a couple of hours. What? A Christmas miracle? I told her I found this timing awful ironic and she kindly offered to hold the item at the local store for me just in case it does not arrive.

On 12/13, STILL no confirmation email of shipment and original order had not changed within the system. I once again called CS and spoke with a lady who repeated it should have been shipped on the 8th and she wasn't sure what was going on ... I then asked for a supervisor and after being placed on hold for almost 10 minutes was disconnected. I called back and again waited forever for a representative and got a young lady who has been the most helpful of all ... she told me that the order showed notes of cancellation in the system and that the item had NOT been sent anywhere and there was no tracking number. She spoke with her supervisor and asked if she could do some more research and would call me this Friday (12/16) ... I told her that was fine and that I had withdrawn the money from my account to purchase the item so I did not want trying to put through a charge on my debit account. She told me that the previous CS rep had actually removed the authorization codes so the account should not be charged.

I checked on-line today (12/14) only to see they have updated the system and stated the item has an expected delivery of 12/15 (yes, tomorrow) and have CHARGED my account $161.25. I immediately called CS (AGAIN) only to speak to someone who told me that the item has shipped and that she can see a tracking number (even though I have never received email confirmation of it shipping) which I had to ask for (and currently doesn't even show as valid in the UPS system which she stated means it was just picked up by UPS so hasn't even gone anywhere yet which found quite interesting since it says I am to receive it tomorrow ... maybe the Christmas Elves will be dropping it off personally - yes, sarcasm on my part!) She then tells me that it has an expected delivery date of 12/21. WHAT?? I asked her exactly HOW am I supposed to ship a Christmas present to the other side of the country in time for Christmas if I don't even get it until 12/21 especially since their system states I will have it tomorrow - 12/15??? She told me that her system can see the update from UPS and their expected shipment dates so I questioned WHY the system doesn't reflect the SAME shipping information that UPS does? Crickets!!! I informed her that I had taken the money out of the debit account to buy the item and that a charge will not go through and if I get charged with ANY type of overdraft for ANY reason because of their incompetency that there would be problems. I also informed her that based on this experience I would NEVER be shopping from again! She told me she would "look into it" and call me in the morning (12/15) ... I will wait with baited breath for this call.

Totally Dissatified with Macys.comRead More
12/4/2016 Macy's - Placed order online and never did receive it.
Placed order online and never did receive it. Customer service did not know anything about my order number.

ShopelsewhereRead More
12/2/2016 Macy's - The item I ordered came damaged. The order was
The item I ordered came damaged. The order was inadequately packed. The item was a set of 2 All-Clad pans which had just the packaging holding the 2 pans together. It should have been put in a box, then set in the shipping box with bubble wrap. It was set in in the box with just a little packing paper which allowed it to move all around in the box. It arrived with a huge gash in the box that the handles had made along with damage to the pans and the cardboard holding them together. Whoever handled it during shipping was very rough with it. I called Customer Service, waited 15 minutes or so on hold, connected to a rep who asked what I'd like to order. I told her it was regarding an order received damaged and she hung up on me. I called back and after waiting 15 minutes, ran out of patience and hung up. I drove 20 minutes to the store which was a complete PITA only to find it was not in stock so she had to refund and request a reship. Hopefully, this one will be ok when received. Don't think I'll be ordering from Macy's online anytime soon!

Dissatisfied Customer Read More
12/2/2016 Macy's - Always long wait and cannot understand the
Always long wait and cannot understand the representatives. It is impossible to cancel an order within 30 minutes when you are disconnected and then have to get into a queue again! Macy's has not improved customer service over the years, it has increased the time the customer has to haggle - this must be costly to your organization!

DonnaRead More
11/6/2016 Macy's - Got a phone call from a representative which I
Got a phone call from a representative which I could not even understand the name, phone number or company they were calling from. After listening to the message for 20 times I barely caught the word Macy's. I was very frustrated that I couldn't understand this person. After finally calling customer service back I understood that Macy's has a phone center in the Philippines and was now challenged with another phonics challenge. Bad Macy's bad...high end company contracting with a foreign call center.

BriguyRead More
5/31/2016 Macy's - WORST customer service in the world!!! My
WORST customer service in the world!!! My frustration level is off the charts right now after calling THREE different numbers and spending 25 minutes listening to recordings that do not deal with my issue. It is impossible to get to a live person! I do not know how you people stay in business. You should be ashamed of your name!

LindaRead More
5/27/2016 Macy's - I'm currently online at the moment in the
I'm currently online at the moment in the Philippines for about 20mins now trying to find why I cannot access here in the U.S. Unbelievable and Ridiculous and now I'm hanging up after another 15mins. Macys seriously needs to get it together

AudreyRead More
5/20/2016 Macy's - I was just informed my wait time would be 85
I was just informed my wait time would be 85 minutes to speak to an agent. This after spending 15 minutes trying to get out of the robo-loop. All I wanted to do was to give them my new address. I will send them my last payment and will take my business someplace else. This poor customer service is just indicative of the poor service in the stores.

RitaRead More
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