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LG appliances makes Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Vacuums, and Dehumidifiers.

LG Appliances USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
1000 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-243-0000
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: n/a

Phone Number

1-800-243-0000Hint Needed Please Comment


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11/20/2017 LG Appliances - Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt
Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Our refrigerator has been out since August and we have been dealing with LG customer service to try to find someone to do warranty work on it. They can't even find anyone. We are now having to wait another 24-48 hours for the management team to decide IF we are going to get a refund or replacement. They couldn't even tell me which one it would be. Also, if they tell you they will call you back or notify you in some way, do not count on it. We have ALWAYS had to call back to see what the status is. This will be the last LG product I will ever purchase and will be very vocal in telling others the same.

William LRead More
7/5/2017 LG Appliances - We had a five year old LG Fridge.... We now have a
We had a five year old LG Fridge.... We now have a 1500 dollar paper weight that NO ONE will work on because " they are made by idiots" according to most of the appliance repair people we talked to. Thanks LG and of course the thieves and crooks from Sears. Hopefully you will all go out of business before you can bilk more people out of their hard earned cash. What a disgrace.

DeborahRead More
6/11/2017 LG Appliances - regarding our LG refrigerator:The option of
regarding our LG refrigerator:

The option of repairing a unit that has had multiple issues since day one, is not an option that I am willing to accept. We are completely dissatisfied with this unit. The unit has had multiple temperature issues, which have led to icing up in the freezer. A refrigerator is controlled by the compressor. This leads me to believe that the compressor has been defective since day 1, and none of the technicians attributed it to that. They had contributed it to air leakage due to faulty seals, and replaced them. In addition, we have had the freezer fan motor replaced. The repair company explained to me that was also a faulty part, and that LG knew it was faulty, and corrected it on newer products. Our unit had the older, defective part. All of these issues have clearly led to the deterioration of the compressor. Now the compressor has failed and stopped working. No sealed system, fails in 3 years unless it is defective. Clearly, this unit had multiple defective parts.

In a matter of hours $300 worth of groceries were ruined, ice leaked all over my wood floors and my family of 6 has been without a refrigerator in 90 degree weather . It is fortunate we were home and not away, when this system failure occurred. The repairman indicated that the whole thing was a “goner” and also that he has seen this many times in LG products.

As a result of this, I am not willing to repair a part on a sealed system. Doing that, only delays another failure, as you can not 100% flush out the contaminants left in the system. These contaminants will lead to another failure in the compressor. It is basic understanding of a sealed system. For that reason, I will not accept the fact that LG wants to leave me with a defective product that they are recommending to put a band aid on, and hope it makes it past the warranty period, and/or hope that I just go away.

I am in manufacturing myself, and I understand that these things can happen. I also understand, that as a manufacturer of a durable good that you have to do what is right and just. Repairing a compressor, is not the right thing to do in this situation. The right thing to do is not only stand behind the product, and replace the defective product, or issue a full refund…. stand up as a company. Doing what you are proposing is not right. Not only is LG not standing behind the products they manufacture, but they are trying to conceal the fact that there are plenty of consumer complaints on the compressors of your refrigerators. As I said earlier, LG is just hoping that I will agree to the repair, and the unit makes it through the warranty period. Although this may be what some consumers do, I will not allow myself to be stuck with a defective product that costs a lot of money. Doing that only contributes to, and adds to the fact, that LG uses cheap parts and charges a lot of money for their products.

In conclusion, I will not accept a repair on the defective unit. I will only accept a replacement of the unit, or a full refund of what I paid for the unit itself, and the cost of the warranty I paid for. The almost $400 premium extended warranty is proving to be a waste of money as well. As it has provided no resolution in this matter, although the lemon clause certainly applies.

Please advise what LG will do. This decision will direct me to my next action in this matter.

eileenRead More
6/7/2017 LG Appliances - Bought a new LG refrigerator in January and we
Bought a new LG refrigerator in January and we have had problems every since. The service company came out to change the ice maker because it tastes like plastic and the same thing is continuing to happen. We cannot get anyone to the house to fix the problem. The service company National Platinum Services stated there is nothing else that can be done once the icemaker is replaced. We have to turn off the ice maker and buy a bag of ice to use. Absolutely ridiculous. Very Unhappy with the product!

KarenRead More
5/20/2017 LG Appliances - Anyone who is dismayed with their LG appliance
Anyone who is dismayed with their LG appliance please contact your attorney general. I will be doing that exact thing regarding my dishwasher that is not even two years old. The atty. general's office gets the job done whether is be your money back or your appliance repaired.unhappy

unhappy camperRead More
4/25/2017 Cannot even give one star. Avoid LG appliances!
Cannot even give one star. Avoid LG appliances! I purchased a dishwasher approx 5 months ago. The heating element died. I waited several days for a repair person only to be told that it will be at least a week until the part needed is received and can be installed. Let me point out that it was well known when I called to schedule a repair that the heating element was the problem as that was the error code displayed. That being said the repair person was sent without the appropriate parts. Reminded me of that commercial where the "monitor" informs people who are lying on the floor under gunpoint that the bank is being robbed. The repairman informed me what was already common knowledge to myself and LG. This wasted almost a week. I have six people residing in my household and will be without the dishwasher for approx 2 weeks before it is finally repaired. Speaking with the supervisor, Thomica, EE# 10274, was a total waste of time. She repeated the "company lines", cannot repair sooner, cannot install a new appliance, cannot provide additional contact phone numbers or names in a rather rude tone. I am in the process of replacing major appliances and will be moving in the near future. Rest assured that no LG appliances will ever cross my threshold.

Marie DrosnockRead More
4/15/2017 LG Appliances - Bought LG refrigerator & after only a few months
Bought LG refrigerator & after only a few months noticed specs of paint off the top surface of the door. Got the tech out & they LG ,agreed to replace the door. Well it's been several months & wrong door color , two damaged doors, etc & still no door.Technicians were all wonderfull & felt bad that I had to go thru this issue for such a long time. However they can't control & install the damaged doors. The company refuses to compensate me in any way . I believe if enough people share their problems the company will notice their loss of customers & wise up. However I wouldn't bet on it.it's just another corporate giant who doesn't care once it has your $$$$.

WRead More
4/12/2017 LG Appliances - I have been waiting 6 weeks for the service
I have been waiting 6 weeks for the service company to repair our LG icemaker. Now they tell me the door has to be replaced and are waiting for a response from LG. WILL NEVER BUY A LG AGAIN!!!

Jerry GremillionRead More
4/11/2017 LG Appliances - Bought A LG refrigerator French Door with water
Bought A LG refrigerator French Door with water maker and ice on door
after year and a half door has rust all around water module
on front of door they seem to think its not there problem
I Paid $2900 for this piece of junk don't buy LG

BillRead More
3/14/2017 LG Appliances - Dear Sir or Madame,I am contacting you
Dear Sir or Madame,

I am contacting you regarding replacement knobs for my Gas range Model #LRG 30355ST , I am looking
for any compatable knob that is as expensive as the lg product. I am in need of (1) EBZ37189609 and
(2) EBZ37189611. I have owned this range for over (5) years it works great, but the replacement parts are much
too expensive for me. While I realize it would be in the best interest of your Company to sell your products I am hoping there is a way to replace these knobs without spending a small fortune. If I can replace the stem inside of the knob I would be more than willing to purchase that. Please Help!

Lenora Read More
2/28/2017 LG Appliances - Got a recall notice on my LG portable air
Got a recall notice on my LG portable air conditioner. Registered it on line like I was told on Feb 7,2017. Got an e-mail back saying I would be contacted about the repair by another e-mail or phone call within 24 hrs. Never heard back. So called the number on the recall notice three days later. Leroy told me he was turning it over to repair team to set up in home repair, should hear back by phone by the 17th of Feb. Still didn't get the phone call, so called again on the 17th. This time Glen said he resubmitted it to repair team. The problem being that the closest repair place was 40 miles away and they don't do in home repair. I guess my next call will be to the gov. consumer complaint agency

Keith ColeRead More
12/7/2016 LG Appliances - On the 23 of November a gas range in which I
On the 23 of November a gas range in which I purchase from home depot, upon delivery I found that the Gas regulator behind the range was cracked I called an 800 number and told them of the situation and that they will have a technician to come out to replace it. The technician was outsource from another appliance company that locally in this area. The company ordered the part but would not come out to repair it because LG had not paid the for pass repairs on other appliances, but have been without a range for 2 weeks. If I had done my research I would have picked LG.

Jimmie L. WardRead More
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