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Home Depot was founded in 1978 and the concept took the home and hardware market by storm. Home Depot is now an American icon with over 1,900 stores.

Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
Home Depot Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-433-8211

Phone Number

1-800-793-3768Press # at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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7/21/2015 Home Depot Employee Fired Because She Has COPD
I am with Zora the (01/23/2012) Rant. I too was a cashier and refunds, I was fired for having a chronic disease called "COPD". The corporate "our employees are precious" is pure bull.

Sherry BerryRead More
3/25/2015 Home Depot - Kitchen design.We went to the Huntington Beach ,
Kitchen design.
We went to the Huntington Beach , Ca Home Depot on Magnolia on March 4th to inquire about a new kitchen. The sales person promised a design in 3-4 days .Following a march 10th phone call reminder we were promised “something” by the 13th. We did get a design by the 14th. We went in on the 15th to review and make updates. We also selected a counter top. We were promised an update by the18th. A reminder email was sent on the 21st but we have not heard back. Some might find it acceptable and contributing to a trusting business relationship. We do not!

KarmonRead More
9/27/2014 Home Depot - I purchased a built in microwave that fits over
I purchased a built in microwave that fits over the range and a dishwasher from Home Depot 10 yrs ago. Have not had a problem with the appliances or the store. The price was ver affordable and beat Lowes all together. My experience was good and I intend to keep shopping there. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I shop there all the time. We are satisfied customers!!!!

LoisRead More
2/27/2014 My experience with Home Depot & Complaint 2014
My name is Rigoberto Caraballo from Seffner Florida. As a customer I spent more than $30,000 in home improvements and appliances at the Home Depot Store at 9941 E Adamo Drive Tampa Fl 33619 store 243 Brandon Florida because I was a credit project denied.

The reason for this ombudsman is to file a complaint against Home Depot store 243 Brandon Florida. I sign a contract for window installation (job # 7309893)with the sales consultant James Doyle Jr for the sum of $5,736.98 dollars. I paid an advance of $736.98 down the at home date I sign the contract and $5,000 when the contractor complete the job. The window installation job was performed on 02/10/2014 and I run a check for a sum of $5,000 from my checking account at the USF Credit Union Tampa Florida to the contractor on 2/10/2014. The $5,000 check was credit to Home Depot on 02/12/2014 two days later after the date of the payment, but the contractor and the Home Depot withdraw another sum of $5,000 dollar on 02/19/2014 from my account without my authorization even the project was paid in full, means that the Home Depot and the Contractor charge me twice of the amount of money for the job.

Yesterday 02/25/2014 I went to my credit union to file a claim about this matter. The credit Union Manager instruct me to go back to the Home Depot Desk and I went to the Home Depot desk at the 9941 E Adamo store 243 Tampa Fl. I spoke to the customer service Robbie Kleinotas Customer Order Specialist and at the beginning the customer service was to cold blood telling me to contact the contractor and I refuse, then Robbie Kleinotas call the contractor and spoke to Cathy Ryan at 877-903 3768 from The Home Depot At Home Services 207 Kelsey Lane Suite K Tampa FL 33619 and promise me to folloew up with the process. Ironically that was when they call me to sent a County Final Inspection and I didn't go there to ask for the inspector.

The same date, on 02/25/2014 I got a call back in the afternoon from Tamille Lindsay at the 207 Kelsey Lane Suite K Tampa Florida 33619 and she accept the mistake and instruct me to go back to my credit union in order to speak with Eric Rubby branch Manager at USF Credit Union Brandon Florida Office. The credit Union fax to Tamille Lindsay the form instructing the Home Depot to refund a non authorized second charge of $5,000. Tamille Lindsay promised me to refund the money overnight but the payment never was made the day after and I still waiting and working hard to get back on my account my $5,000 refund that was withdraw without my authorization.

What is make me sad, to complaint to get stressed anxious and depressed is the undermined, misjudge and unpleasant when the Home Depot Staff promise me the best quality response Contractor and the best quality satisfaction but those promise was totally false. I will believe that discrimination still on power every where in the state of Florida and the abuse of power to have staff associates to construct the big interest rather than a fair treat to the customers, is just about money and well known people who get the best services and deals.

I'm a totally permanent 100% disable veteran service connected, I'm a Home Depot Customer without any doubt. Yesterday I lost one day of my live working with my credit union and the Home Depot to fix your mistake, don't play with my time please, time is gold and I can't throw my time away for nothing, either for you sirs just to get disrespect and mocking from on my opinion. Lets fix this matter, your mistake as soon as you can and refund this server the $5,000 dollar that was withdraw without my authorization or permit. However, for the time I waste I should get interest rate for the overpayment or a discount from my project so we get even. Thank You.

RigobertoRead More
12/11/2013 Waited for 10 Days for Home Depot to deliver my Maytag Dishwasher
I bought a Maytag Dish Washer and paid for it and waited 10 days for it to be delivered. When the delivery people came with it they gave me excuses why they couldn't hook it up. When I told them that all they had to do to hook the water up was put the hose threw a hole in the floor to the shut off valve beneath the dish washer in the basement. This is the way the dishwasher I have now is hooked up. Very easily done. He told me it had to be hooked to the hot water pipe under the sink. And I ask if he would do that. And was told no.
I told them if they couldn't hook it up to take it back and I wanted my money back. I called the store in Massillon OH. and talked to the asst manager and he gave me a refund.
I'm still with out a dishwasher after 11 days. The people at the store were friendly and gave me my refund with no problem.
Home Depot install people must cost Depot allot sales because of there policy's.

DonRead More
4/30/2013 if I could rate Home Depot in Florissant a zero
if I could rate Home Depot in Florissant a zero out of five I would. I purchased a washer machine that came full of water. The water leaked all on my carpet and now it is ruined. I have been getting the run arounds on who needs to get this washer out of my house. After nearly a week they sent warranty to my house who refused to fix it. After purchasing the washer machine three and a half weeks ago, they decide to switch the washer machine out for a new one. I am over that store.

tayRead More
2/8/2013 Home Depot - http://www.homedepotopinion.com

I filled out your Home Depot survey. However, I wan't others to know that I think Home Depot is doing a fine job of customer service. They have improved since the recession.

HandyManRead More
5/20/2012 On 4/28/12 I signed a contract with The Home Depot
On 4/28/12 I signed a contract with The Home Depot at the Store in Hammilton Mill rd. Ga. for small repairs on the exterior of the house, the sales person had knowledge of what he was doing and he said that someone wil be calling next week for the final procedures. Well 2 weeks went by and nothing, got hold of him and he got his boss to call me, his boss said that a person in charge from the store will be calling me the nex day. Well here is 5 days later and nothing.
Folks, I don't think Arthur Blank gets to see these complaints, he built this place with CUSTOMER SERVICE and not pass the buck around. I will be contacting the salesman to cancel the contract and the credit card that we open to do this. Maybe Lowe's may have a better deal.

JoseRead More
4/30/2012 Home Depot - are you kidding home what? we purchased fridg, d
are you kidding home what? we purchased fridg, d washer, microwave, and sttove paid with my credit card in full.on feb 22nd
was told by the sales person all would be put in warehouse in L.A and would be there when we called.HELLO we calledfor delevery two weeks in early was told the fridge was on back order, the home depot had to write a new order for me to get my other applinsess
All the other contracters have been set back on this remodel. hopfully a corporate officer calles us back

jackRead More
4/15/2012 Home Depot - Anotehr example of customer service being LAST.
Anotehr example of customer service being LAST. Also, I will kill two birds here as Lawn Boy apparently has the same No Customer service culture. Here is the story:

I ran into multiple customer service problems with you store in Dunwoody GA (6400 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE) re the purchase of a new Lawn Boy mower in 2008. The Lawnmower has been nothing but a problem with starting and have already taken it to the store once for repairs in 2009. Poor spark/ignition system is continuing issue with these mowers (never buy Tecumseh, go Briggs and Stratton), bad enough but the real problem was their customer service.

As normal at the beginning of the cutting season I do the usual due diligence – replace oil, clean filter, sharpen the blade and put in a new plug. And, as per usual, I could not get it started last Saturday. I called HD store who said to call Lawn Boy, but they are closed on the weekend. Not a major deal, so waited to call them early Monday AM before I go to work. I also discovered that Lawn Boy offers ZERO customer assistance, only directing to an Auth. Dealer (they make more money this way). They don’t have one person who can give advise on starting the mower issues, amazing.

I then called the Dunwoody HD store on 4-9 and asked for help. Here is what happened:

I was put on hold and then transferred to someone in Lawn and Garden. He said he could not help, would have “Rob” call me back by the end of the day.

Rob did not call back, so I called to store and finally got Rob (btw he never got the message to call me earlier, or did not mention it).

Rob said that he could not help me, that I should talk to Manny in the rental area as he is most familiar with Lawn Boy problems. I was transferred, left message but Manny never called back.

I called the store next day and then asked to speak to the store manager (Jerry McVay) to tell him of the problems. I thought that the manager would at least look into it. However, he also has not called back, and that was a week ago now.

HD has put Cust. Service on hold, as I was here, because there is only one competitor in this oligarchial market. It is this competitor which I will soon be going to as they are only 1/2 mile away (Lowes).

rsbRead More
4/9/2012 Home Depot - Can someone at the corporate level clearly define
Can someone at the corporate level clearly define the 10% discount given to veterans? This
program was initiated by Home Depot but the employees all have different views of the policy. I have used my photo vet ID numerous times but there are occasions when I am denied. It almost seems that corporate office keeps changing the rules and it is confusing
to both the vet customers and the HD employees. Both Lowes and Pep Boys give 10% discounts
to vets without question.As a veteran,I appreciate the discount as I spend a considerable
amount of money at Home Depot.

I would appreciate it if corporate would take a stand and clearly communicate to their
stores what the 10% policy to veterans is and if it still exists!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

bruceRead More
2/23/2012 Home Depot - I purchased a GE refrigerator at the FC, CA store.
I purchased a GE refrigerator at the FC, CA store. I completely understand the push to purchase a service agreement, they sell a defective product. I have been told they get the seconds, it is only something I have heard, can't prove. After six months I had the first service call, a new motheboard was needed. The repair man told me if I had purchased the refrigerator anywhere but Home Depot it would have been replaced, but HD will never do that. After a little over two years, I have had two floods because of the ice maker. It has been replaced and I am not waiting for the third one to arrive so it can be installed. I have lost count of how many servie calls I have had. A service call means I have to stay home for four hours or until the repair person arrives. I have had to stay home three days in the past two weeks waiting for a repair person. Yesterday the serviceman called Tech Support about the icemaker not stopping making ice and was told to tell me to manually turn it off and on! This is not an option. HD Consumer Affairs in Texas said they would not replace the refrigerator, just call for service when anything goes wrong! So many people had said don't buy at HD, now I know why. I'll never go there again. In fact I made a $800 purchase a month ago and went to Orchard Supply, it is only a block away so not a hardship to stop going to HD.

Homedepot NomoreRead More
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