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3/15/2017 GE Appliances - Just bought a GE Dishwasher March.7.2017 and the
Just bought a GE Dishwasher March.7.2017 and the door latch won't work.It's only 1 week old.. I called service and they said that within 48 hours someone will call to make an appointment to look at it. That means it will be at least 3 to 4 days before I get service. This is very sad because I spent hard earned money nearly $700 and can't even get service for it. I also tried to use the option button and it also don't work.
I would like an explanation as to why it can't be serviced faster or better yet get a bran new Dishwasher that's in excellent condition for the money it cost. Where I bought it they could service it but won't due to the warranty contract with GE. We have to phone the 1-800-361-3400. Very unhappy.with your product.

Norman MorleyRead More
1/27/2017 GE Appliances - The cooktop light went out on my built in
The cooktop light went out on my built in microwave. No problem (or so I thought), I'll just get replacement bulbs and screw them in. Upon checking to see precisely what kind of bulb was required (by opening the compartment) it appears these bulbs are not your NORMAL screw in type. They are glued into a plastic sleeve and wired in. One of the bulbs came out, the second did not. I checked the manual for replacement instructions and the instructions for this type of bulb were NOT in the manual. I called a GE approved service company for price of replacing these bulbs and they are checking on the type that goes with my model number however, the price quoted me was practically the price of replacing my microwave!!! What the heck? Who designed such a ridiculous thing? I am extremely irritated at how poorly this appliance was engineered by a company who supposedly knows what they are doing. Anyone in their right mind would not produce such an item with something as simple as a bulb that cannot be replaced.

KarenRead More
1/3/2017 GE Appliances - If GE wants to change the world one thing at a
If GE wants to change the world one thing at a time they should start with their service. I've been over an hour on the phone trying to schedule a service appointment. Needless to say I'm still waiting. Not much of anything good to say about your service at this time..

Gary thomasRead More
12/28/2016 GE Appliances - I love the look of the Slate line.I purchased four
I love the look of the Slate line.I purchased four appliances for my house. My 17 month old refrigerator/freezer has stopped making ice cubes.This seems a common problem as replacement parts are back ordered; two weeks so far.
Also, the dishes/ dishwasher require cleaning after the cycle.
Very dissappointing.

DeniseRead More
12/2/2016 GE Appliances - Just a general complaint, because reading the
Just a general complaint, because reading the reviews from others, I expect this to land in file 13 anyway. I own a house a do ok financially. So when I buy an appliance I don’t usually shop for the cheapest thing I can find, but the most reliable thing for the money. I have always thought GE was a good quality product for the money, and never took much stock in negative reviews. Thinking they were mostly the minority in most cases. I can assure you that I have never taken the time to write anything of this nature to another company, because I have never thought it was worth the time, nor do I have the time now.
But even I have reached my limit. In the past 3 years, I have had a dryer; a stove, a refrigerator, and now a microwave go down. (All GE appliances) You can say, well “Things ware out” yes, yes they do, but should they continue to do so only after at most a couple of years from purchase, there might be a problem with the product.
Like I said, I don’t expect anything, just another complaint for your throw away file. But sooner or later enough people will start to realize, GE might not be the appliance I want to spend my money on. It is the American way.
You know what the definition of crazy is?? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

ShaneRead More
10/13/2016 GE Appliances - I purchased a Range on Sept 9, 2016 from Famous
I purchased a Range on Sept 9, 2016 from Famous Tate in Tampa, FL. It was delivered on Sep 13th but I was not left an Appliance Manual. After complaining to Famous I was told by the Salesperson that I need to go online and ask GE for it because that's GE's policy.

Can I get a manual for my Range: Model # JB655SKISS
Serial # RG278478Q

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kenneth Kelly

KennethRead More
7/12/2016 GE Appliances - To whom it may concern: I purchased this G E dryer
To whom it may concern: I purchased this G E dryer Serial # ZD756319C, I understand it is out of warranty. But should the screws come completely out of the dryer on the inside and another screw is on its way out ?. The noise is what caught my attention so I immediately stopped the dryer That's a defect in your dryer, that should never happen ! I bought the dryer because i wanted matching appliances. There was nothing wrong with my older dryer a kenmore which I had for many years. I wish I had kept it.. Just to remind you I have already visited with one of your customer service Rep.and was told it was out of warranty.

Billie CavielRead More
6/12/2016 GE Appliances - I purchased 4 GE cafe appliances. After 3 weeks
I purchased 4 GE cafe appliances. After 3 weeks the dishwasjer which cost almost 1,500 stopped working. I didnt realize it wasnt working at first. I thought I didnt start it so a week passed before I realized it was completely not running - the lights went on but didnt was...I called GE and they sent a tech, they ordered I am one month later - 3 techs have come to my home, several boxes of parts and no dishwasher...It worked for 3 weeks. GE offered to extend the warranty 6 months...thanks, I want a working dishwasher. I am shocked how awful this company is. I thought they were decent but I didnt pay attention to the reviews and I regret it now. The customer service has been awful. They leave no paperwork, no one takes any responsibility..this is a company yo stay away from. I have never experienced anything like this. I called them at 31 days from when I got the appliance so they will not replace it. I have spent countless hours on the phone, emails..all for a dishwasher. Never had issues with my Bosch and this was double the price. I regret ever buying a GE product. The worst customer service.

susanRead More
4/25/2016 GE Appliances - I just took delivery on a Energy Star compliant
I just took delivery on a Energy Star compliant refrigerator paying a premium price for it finding out the rebate program ceased. You own me $75

KenRead More
1/7/2016 GE Appliances - What a hypocritical company! They aspire to be a
What a hypocritical company! They aspire to be a Six Sigma company (extremely low defects), but yet pass on the worst quality, at a high price no less, in the appliance industry. It's no wonder that they've had a hard time spinning it off. CEO Jeff Immelt should be ashamed of himself!

GooseRead More
11/4/2015 GE Appliances - Repairman initial dispatch is rapid, but follow-up
Repairman initial dispatch is rapid, but follow-up appointments to install parts totally frustrating.
Parts promptly received, but GE DISPATCH CANCELLED installation appointment, stating that it was a 2 person job and only 1 tech was available AND earliest appointment would be in 4 days. Not a great accommodation, BUT ONE TECH ARRIVED and did the job after the 4 day wait. After tech left we discovered a NEW PROBLEM with the lower oven control knob ,the problem was introduced by the installation. Dispatch says earliest appointment possible is in 3 days, despite it being a safety issue caused by THEIR SERVICE! Consumer Advocate gets assigned, but it is just a call center that tries to placate customer with no ability to take action or expedite repair. You will have a lengthy Hold Period, followed by a confirmation that the original appointment is still the best they can offer. This is a GE Café Series electric stove that cost $2800.00!

MissmyoldstoveRead More
8/25/2015 GE Appliances Problems
GE Appliance; 2nd washer and dryer set, the washer is nothing but a problem from the computer board going out. now the whole inside needs to be replaced. GE is not a good as they make it out to be. 2nd set since 2007 to 2015. And no one wants to here about it, there willing to sell you another one. haha

karenRead More
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