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Forever 21 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-213-741-5100 Fax Number: 213-741-5161
Customer Service Outside the US, please call: 1-213-741-8257

Phone Number

1-888-494-3837Review Needed Please Comment


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7/4/2017 FOREVER 21 mangers are DISGUSTING AND
FOREVER 21 mangers are DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BritRead More
10/1/2016 Forever 21 - My daughter wore her boots 3 times and the heel came
My daughte wore her boots 3 times and the heel came off. I tried to return them and the manager was not only nasty, but gave me the wrong customer service number. Spent an hour on the phone only to be told they would not replace the defective item. Buyer BEWARE! This company had a deceptive return policy and terrible customer service, took 40 minutes to speak to a human!

Ms S.Read More
5/4/2016 Forever 21 - This company, though they have some cute items, is
This company, though they have some cute items, is the WORST pc of garbage, with their customer svc. policies! And you cant even contact them! God forbid you pull up their website on ANY device, you will get a glitch page that endlessly kicks you off!

jillRead More
8/18/2015 Forever 21 return policy is screwed up and sucks
I think your policy return is screwed up and sucks. I purchased an item, I couldn't get my money back, I had to keep my money in store's credit, I think you are a big company and you have to PUT A HUGE SIGN AND IN RED COLOR LETTERS IN FRONT THE DESK REGISTERS, NO CASH RETURN. Where the customers see it. Don't put on the receipt after the purchased is done. I know now, Why you have a lot of stores? you have the answer.

JANETRead More
11/22/2014 Forever 21 - My order didn't come with a packing list/return
My order didn't come with a packing list/return form. I emailed three times and have yet to receive a response advising me on returning my items. I will never shop at Forever21 again. I almost think it wasn't included on purpose.

MandyRead More
10/24/2014 On Oct. 19, I placed an order with Forever 21 and
On Oct. 19, I placed an order with Forever 21 and paid with PayPal. I have not heard from Forever 21 yet as to when my order will be shipped. My transaction ID# is 2L693033HW2253847. Could you please tell me if or when my order has been process and shipped? thanks you

LindaRead More
8/5/2013 Forever 21 - I'm trying to set up my address book, but no
I'm trying to set up my address book, but no matter what I put for the address name,nothing works, what am I supposed to put?

JasmaineRead More
7/27/2013 Forever 21 - I would like to gain information to the head
I would like to gain information to the head office of the UK, birmingham forever 21 store. I have experienced the most appalling customer service which had left me shaking due to the way the sales assistant had spoke to me. I have shopped in forever 21 ever since it had opened I have always complimented the store and service to friends and family, however after the experience I had the other day I will not be stepping foot back in that store to purchase any lovely items. On the 26/07/13 at around 6.20pm-6.40pm I was shopping on the top floor for a pyjama top. I had started queuing in the area which stated the queue had began, as I approached the till another customer came from outside the queue as she wanted to push in and the sales assistant apologised to that customer although she had seen I was waiting in the queue. I told the sales assistant that I was there first she explained that in situations like these that she had to see which customer she would like to serve first which I was not pleased about, I had then explained that I was now being served so it didn't matter. The sales assistant then replied by telling me to just 'shove your card in then' I was shocked with the tone and the rudeness I did say excuse me and she repeated it louder, I stepped back and said I didn't want to be served by her she then told me that 'I should just get lost' ! The sales assistant who is there to serve the customers and be polite and resolve problems in a professional manner was certainly being the most rudest sales assistant I have ever came across. I had then asked the woman for her name she had given me another name along the lines of 'Nene' which i had later discover wasnt her name. I had repeated the name and she shouted back 'YES NENE'. I had then asked where her manager was and she told me that ' she was not going to tell me an that I should go and find them myself''. I was shaking in shock I walked down to the first floor to find another sales assistant, I was on the verge of crying she directed me to her manager. The sales assistant I had approached on that floor was ever so lovely she was understanding and she had the patience to listen to the traumatic experience. She called the manager over to me after he had received a phone call off the sales assistant from the top floor. I had explained the issue to the short, dark haired manager and he just directed me to the other queue. I did tell the manager that the girl said her name was 'nene' he thought I was lying because there was no-one with that name. Once I had described the the young, short, Asian girl with dark curly hair he said that her name was 'Ahleema'. I did not gain a single apology from the manager or I did not gain any feedback as he had came back from the top floor so I just left the store thanking the polite girl who had tried to calm me down as I was ever so upset. I would like to see if I could possibly get fuerther information to the head office as I had left the store in a very upset state.

SRead More
4/22/2013 Forever 21 - I tried to order an e-gift certificate for my
I tried to order an e-gift certificate for my Granddaughter. They couldn't manage to 'capture' my credit card number. Order did not go through. No contact with me to tell me what happened. Emailed,no reply. Called, they were going to manually input the card. Called again, would try again. Called again, not possible to re-enter my card. Excuse after excuse. Poorest customer service I have ever received. .

Garden NomeRead More
4/5/2013 Bad customer service from Forever 21
Dear customer service,

When I was checking out today at the forever 21, the cashier Sofia 1041042was a smart mouthed girl. She gave me horrible customer service, and others too. She doesn't make any eye contact, and when i asked her a question about how long I had to return the item; she rudely said it's on the receipt. As a sales representative she should have better manners on the way she talks to people. If she doesn't like her job than someone with better cutomer service skills can be taking het place. I am NEVER again shopping at the forever 21 in Anaheim, California ! On top of that, all through out the store no sales reps. were helping to start the customers get a room started for them. I myself had two bags ready to try clothes on. Highly dissatisfied with this forever 21. Please start hiring and ensuring your company is making customer service a priority. It truly does make a difference.

VanessaRead More
1/18/2013 I have purchased several times from Forever 21 and
I have purchased several times from Forever 21 and I have had minor issues, overall satisfied. However, customer service SUCKS, their unprofessional and the supervisor are not any better. I have work at a buying office before and I can't understand why if a customer want to make a complaint that it has to be done through customer service. I purchased something and not even a week later the item went on sale 50% off plus 50% off sale. When I called I was informed that the company does not do price adjustments base on sale. Which was fine. However, the customer sale rep was rude and she hang up y he phone on me. When I called back..spoke to Supervisor Desiree and Angela they weren't any help. I requested several times to speak to corporate and I was informed by Angela that if I had a complaint I would need to place it with her and that she would give me the number. However, it would be forwarded back to her. I would hate to see this company not do well and it's to us (customers) to make sure that forever21 knows how to treat their customers. Boycott if we have to. These companies have no understanding that without their customers there's no company.

MRead More
1/15/2013 Forever 21 - Can sumbody please tell me wr f21 is located in
Can sumbody please tell me wr f21 is located in mumbai????

Marilyn fanaiRead More
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