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The BP brand appears on production platforms, refineries, ships and corporate offices the world over, as well as on solar products, wind farms, research facilities and at retail service stations.

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1-281-366-2000Review Needed Please Comment


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3/27/2016 I have been trying to pay my bp gas credit card
I have been trying to pay my bp gas credit card bill for three days,your website is of no help,keeps directing me to something different. Then I tried to reach you by phone....to no avail what is the customer service number to pay this gas card bill? I have 1 844 832 0300,i put my card number in,and the computer keeps telling me it is not the correct cars number.This is very frustrating and is the worst website I have ever had to deal with. Sincerely Diane Cain

DianeRead More
4/9/2015 I called today about a charge from BP Gas on my
I called today about a charge from BP Gas on my Bank account, even with a confirmation number they (BP) said they had no way to help me find this charge, I do not own a BP card and drive a jeep liberty, how can I put $150.00 worth of gas in it? Your company falsely charged my bank account and you can't help me. What a disservice to people who might at one time be thinking of using your company. Please be aware that I will be filing a affidavit of dispute as of this day. Have a nice day. SSgt J Jones USMC.

JamesRead More
12/30/2014 BP - I go to the no located at 471 Main Street in East
I go to the no located at 471 Main Street in East Orange, Nj. I purchase the blucigs electronic cigarettes. When I go Monday-Friday during the day, your cashier charges me $10.62 even though, the sign says $7.65. When I go after he gets off, and, the weekend, I pay $7.65. I showed him the price and he told me it was wrong. I would like someone to look into it, or, I will go elsewhere. The cashiers name is Kevin. Thank you

TerriRead More
9/13/2014 I went to the Bp off Carson street in the south
I went to the Bp off Carson street in the south side of Pittsburgh on sat morning about 7 am. There were 2 people ahead of me. A Pittsburgh policeman and a young man about 20 I would say. The 2 attendants were beyond rude. The male was counting money out and seemed to me possibly changing shifts so adjusting the drawer. ? I'm not sure because as the 3 customers stood in silence for about 10 minutes we were not acknowledged or told what was going on. The female attendant was slumped over the counter obviously tired. Yawning oblivious to your customers.. Then we 3 customers were treated to their playful banter teasing and the female every so often saying fuck you nigga to her coworker and both laughing.. All the while we 3 stood in silence waiting.,I finally put the items I had planned on buying leaving the cop and man to enjoy the banter. I will never ever enter a bp again/ I wasn't in a hurry or would have left sooner.. Rude obnoxious customer service

BernadetteRead More
5/19/2014 Saturday, May 17th I stopped for gas at the BP
Saturday, May 17th I stopped for gas at the BP station on 8404 Two Notch Road in Columbia, SC
The gas pump would not take my debit card (man inside said the machines don't take debit cards.)
I told him I wanted to fill up. He took my card & charged $50. My bill came to $41.60. I noticed today
that I have been charged the full $50.00.. I was afraid I would see another bill for the $41.60 amount.
I bank on line & it hasn't shown up yet; I assume he pocketed the difference. Perhaps your company
is so big; you don't concern yourself with the small problems. I thought BP was a class operation, however
I won't stop at one again.

BeverlyRead More
4/20/2014 Poor customer service at your BP Circle K outlet
Poor customer service at your Circle k outlet @ 1710 Whitten Rd. In Memphis TN. Water has been out for wiendshield wash for at least 5 days. Informed a clerk for the second time this week. (Both times they said "another shift is supposed to put water in those".. I advised her correctly that state law require all gas stations to keep their windshield reservoirs in servicable condition. She just shrugged her shoulders and said another shift has to do it.
With BP trying to clean up their image attitudes like this never help.

GregRead More
3/10/2014 BP 428 stocking nw grand rapids michigan
BP 428 stocking nw grand rapids michigan 49504,their services is good only when the guy that work on pm time but when he let his stupid girlfriend to be infront of bp that the problem,to teenager around 15 to 17 smoking and i ask them he sold you the cigar's they told well mr,is was the girlfriend of the bp guy her name is tammy she always sell this to us with out id.I'm sorry but the city of grand rapids need to do something,they need to close these bp now and put that woman in jail.

harry61Read More
12/28/2013 I often use the BP station in Empire, MI because
I often use the BP station in Empire, MI because it is the only gas station in a 30 mile radius from my home. There has always been a very high rate of turnover in employees, but 2013 has been full of new employees (including management) that are rude, disrespectful, ineffective, unprofessional, and are seriously lacking in common sense. Over the past year nearly every time I am in the store, at least one of the workers is eating as they are checking me out. It began with the new manager that took over near the beginning of the year. He would shove handfuls of greasy popcorn into his mouth as I was waiting to be checked out then start the transaction talking as he was chomping the popcorn then give me my change back with grease all over his hands!!! Now that he is no longer there, the other employees have picked up the habit. I used to work as a cashier and CANNOT fathom that any employer would allow their employees to behave in this manner! If I had another option for gas in my area I would not be using this gas station.
There are 2 employees that are AWESOME!!! Eric and Dave are the only long standing employees in this store... if they were not there the Empire BP EZ mart would go under!!

JennRead More
11/6/2013 BP - After reading comments on different sites about
After reading comments on different sites about BP, I believe that it is normal to have a crappy experience at BP. I have been to BP several times, each time I have a unique experience. The last time was the last straw. I went to a BP at 6680 Mayfield Heights, OH. The attendant was rude, unhappy man named "Mo". A woman in front of me was asking for directions, he was short with her and rude and when she left, he called her a "COOZE" which gave himself and another person a laugh. I felt very uncomfortable. I will not return EVER!

DottieRead More
9/24/2013 On 9/7/2013 we stopped and filled up at the BP
On 9/7/2013 we stopped and filled up at the BP Uni-Mart station at 890 Canfield Niles RD in Youngstown OH. While my daughter filled the tank, I took my 33 month old grandson inside to use the restroom - only to find out there were no restrooms available - they were closed and being repaired. Try telling that to a recently potty trained toddler. I can understand the need to repair the restrooms but I can't understand why some Port-a-Potties weren't provided. People need and expect to use restroom facility when they stop for gas. The owner has a responsibility to provide that convenience for customers. Once you start to fill your tank and then find out about the lack of restrooms, it's too late to go to another station. I suspect that was the owners plan.

A GrandmotherRead More
8/22/2013 Reported BP oil on Navarre Beach and they don't care
I called corporate office to tell them about some oil on Navarre beach and they said they could not help me REALLY

SteveRead More
7/30/2013 BP - On Friday the 26 between 7am and 11am I didn't get
On Friday the 26 between 7am and 11am I didn't get his name but u have a very rude and unprofesional employee he was a foreigner, short and spikey black hair with blonde tips and he might have been standing on a step ladder. He made fun of her race and got fresh and my daughter is only 12 years old. The police told me to just contact the big boss over him.

Ann DorseyRead More
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