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Wal-Mart I purchased an Ozark Trail flashlight


Wal-Mart I purchased an Ozark Trail flashlight for a gift one year ago Christmas. The on/off button has a short. I have searched online for a place to find a replacement part for it. I took it to my local store- they could not help me as they did not have one of these lights in stock. My main concern is that they were not able to furnish me with ANY information on how to get a replacement switch. No phone number I could call- nothing. Reason being that the Ozark Trail brand is made for Walmart and parts are manufactured all over. If this is the case, I will not be purchasing any more Ozark Trail products. This was not a cheap flashlight. I am not happy with this. I figured the light only had a year warranty- but I never thought you would not be able to have it repaired should anything happen to it. I am including the (or i believe to be) the part number for this light TL 1KPO .



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