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What is the point of writting a comment if it will


What is the point of writting a comment if it will be edited by "webmaster"?
Recieved a call from the pharmacy that my prescrption is ready at my convienence.Walked inside store because needed a few more items for the house.I did not have anything on file and simply curious.Well it turned out be a an old bottle of percocet when i underwent partial removal of my prostate..Didn't need them.still had some in medicine chest.Now please remember they called me..Now the young woman that waited on me ask me what was I doing with so much medication?Am I selling it on the street or do I need rehab?I just stared at this little ignorant woman and told her she can take her medicine and the cans of dogfood and please insert it where the sun don't shine...By the way I am a healthy 73 years old and noe rive the extra bloks to my local CVS..Rather not give my name.By the wat the St,Charles St. location is in a very affluent location in Houma.

Insulted to no end10/7/2011


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