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Spent the last two hours trying unsuccessfully to


Spent the last two hours trying unsuccessfully to navigate Walgreen's website, it's "live chat" assistance, and finally it's telephone Help Line. All three were badly designed, operated slowly and inconsistently, would frustrate a man to drink, and failed to provide any help whatsoever.

In sum, Walgrees is so large that they can get away with providing poor customer service, half-hearted efforts at customer assistance, and mediocre help from poorly trained low quality workers. There is not anything we can do about it except complain in forums like this. And the Walgreen's executives with sufficient power to change things could care less because they continue to be overpaid ruthless corporate assassins killing off the Mom & Pop drugstores that actually used to give a damn about sick people.

Just to prove how right I am about this, I'll give my full name and address below and will leave an additional comment informing readers in the unlikely event that any Walgreen's executive ever responds. Don't hold your breath.

Christopher M. Lohse8/29/2012


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9/4/2015 I could not agree more with what you said. The demise of the true pharmacy service started when insurance companies imposed an almost unbearable reimbursement for the service provided by pharmacies. Only the big chain retailers remained, struggling to keep their profits at the expense of sacrificing the time that their personnel have to devote to patients. That explains the crappy service, their stressed employees that barely have time to breathe, the luring of patients to transfer their prescriptions-wasting everybody's time-, and the infamous "call centers" that they'd love to move to India if they could. Sad, but true. It's the era of the "impersonalization of service". With rare exceptions: the bigger the company, the crappier it is for both, customers and employees.

Andrea Mangalini 
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