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Guayama, PR went to pay 5 boxes Ferrero Rocher 2


Guayama, PR went to pay 5 boxes Ferrero Rocher 2 for $6.00 & 1 Rafello 2/$6.00 was told by cashier couldn't combine the candies. Cupon for revlon brushes 1 reg price get 1 free told by cashier had to be the same picture. Russel Stoufer buy 1 get 1 free told it wasn't so. by now I'm losing my patience, cashier calls supervisor, gives me the brush cupon no problem, the cashier cannot believe it, the russel stouffer candy also. The Rafello candy big problem, this the supervior claims is not the one in flyer, she even opens box to count candies, I give up forget it I say, no it's only $3.00 she replies, ok only to get home & find out the cashier charged me for 2 Rafello's the joke was on me. Do I go back & make a scene no just write me off as a customer.



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