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i order 3 books because free shipping in 11-5 2016


i order 3 books because free shipping in 11-5 2016 /i got the two books when saying going to come.but 3 one i got email saying change date of the delivery if still wanted please let them know.witch i said the date book would be ship out between 5/17 2017 to 6/6 2017 will never got email so i just call them ask when was coming because sale still wed site .i lady talk told to order change price that preorder it at will after gave her all fbi turn out bill address diffrent shipping address they want talk my sister who does live with me.i had cancal order .i witch mad about because should send out because did preorder it.they will not honor order ,i will never trust this target again just like stop order from walmart .both company or bad.they do not honor there preorders



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