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I'm elderly and handicapped and Targets Online Used to Work For Me


I'm elderly and handicapped and Targets Online ordering and pickup service is ideal for me. last two orders which I very carefully made sure were available at my local store and would be available for pickup the same day, were not! Not only was I informed these two orders were being shipped as they were not available for pickup as promised but I soon discovered that these two products WERE NOT EVEN CARRIED ANY LONGER BY TARGET and evidently I would NEVER HAVE HAD MY MONEY RETURNED. Target is still holding on to my money and claimed first that my money would be returned "within 24 hours" and now they are changing that to "seven to ten business days". The instore Managers have been very cooperative and nice about this, but their hands are tied so I don't fault them. It has been a roller coaster ride thinking that this problem has been straightened out only to find it has not!



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