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I have been having trouble logging in for over a


I have been having trouble logging in for over a month now. I paid for 3 months even though the site makes you think it's all Free which it's not and it comes off as very misleading. I was liking it okay and getting to know some people until recently when I tried to log in as usual and couldn't. I sent emails back and forth with CS but the situation did not improve. I when on vacation to Ca to see my sister and thought I would try for the heck of it to log on. I did and it worked! I was pleasantly surprised. But since then I came back to Utah where I live and tried again and had to reset my password again for about the 4th time and each time I've done this it still doesn't log me in. I should be reimbursed for what I have already paid and not been able to use or I should finally get some help to log in Iike I'm supposed to.



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