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Prefer 0 rating! I bought a storage rack on eBay


Prefer 0 rating! I bought a storage rack on eBay and found the package at my door, badly damaged. I immediately took pictures and sent them to the seller. Opened a complaint with eBay the next morning. I was made responsible for pick up cost which I did not feel responsible for. Item was posted as new, not, new ¨other¨. No pictures of the damaged box. Ebay and seller were taking their time so I called PayPal informing them about the problem, was asking for advice. They connected me back with ebay´s resolution center. Paypal never informed me that by talking to them they automatically take over. What that means..... different policies than ebay. No buyer protection. They don´t care about damaged packages, I now need to pay full shipping and pick up fee, which is about $100. In other words, I am out of luck. Spending $100 to receive $104!! Ebay had told me that the case was resolved in my favor, to keep the item and get a refund. Box is falling apart. Paypal says no, they took over and are in favor of the deceitful seller….! They said two choices, keep package as is, or pay fees and return the item.



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