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My husband went to the Walgreens at 2295 East Bay


My husband went to the Walgreens at 2295 East Bay Drive in Largo Fl. He arrived @ 7:30 pm on Oct. 4th, 2011. The Pharmacist (Angie) told him that my prescription had expired, but she gave him 3 pills to "hold me over". He did not have the bottle with him; so he took her at her word. Bad judgment call. I was released from the hospital that evening; I was home resting. I awoke at 12:10am. There was a note from him stating the issue. I looked at the bottle and it clearly stated 3 refills before Oct. 5, 2011. I called this pharmacy and told them how I was illegally denied my prescription. I have the print out that states the time, date, and that husband was waiting for prescription. I am tired of your pharmacy thinking it has the right to over-ride my doctor’s orders, illegally deny me a refill. I am to call the pharmacy tomorrow and talk to the pharmacist who lacked intellect to read yesterdays date. They can give out 3 pills on a supposedly expired prescription but refuse to fill a prescription that should have been refilled without hesitation. Then I am threatened over the phone at 12:10 am by the Pharmacist Sara stating she was going to fill it; but because I was upset and she did not like my attitude; she is going to make me wait and call tomorrow. I had other issues with egos from Walgreen pharmacist thinking they can treat customer with disrespect; but when a customer treats them with the same disrespect; they illegally deny the customer their rights. Your corporate office has yet to return my call on any issues; neither has the district manager. However, I was outside at the Redbox DVD rental and the district manager and pharmacist were walking past me laughing and stating the name and issue a customer had with them. Strict violation of HIPPA law. I have contacted the local news media about this latest dealing with Walgreens. It is time for Walgreens to be humiliated and held accountable for their actions or lack of. People contact your local media; they love stories like this!!



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