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My Directv started going out on Thursday 5/11/17.


My Directv started going out on Thursday 5/11/17. I have tried since then tried to contact a repair person for Directv. There is no such thing. I have one HD received and one standard receiver. My son is the Production Manager for a local TV station. He and I worked trying get the system to function. Sunday we managed to get the HD receiver to work. It stayed on for about twenty minutes and then went out again. The screen menus come on and the reset process goes to completion then the error 775 message comes up. No one at DIrectv is capable of interpreting the problem and the one foreigner my son talk with informed him that Direct would charge me for replacing their receiver. The service call alone would b $99.99. I pay these people nearly $140.00 a month in order to have a TV service I can depend on. I have a number of recorded music concerts that I will also lose when I change services but that is the only solution. Their site says to e-mail them but no e-mail address if provided. I'm tired of talking to indosians and robots. Directv does not care enough to provide an American to speak with concerning such problems. I do not believe anyone at
Directv reads these comments or cares about the problems their lack of service generates. If they cared the
comments would no be posted.



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