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There's more than a few words for this but for


There's more than a few words for this but for starters, Kay's customer service SUCKS!My boyfriend bought me a ring there (without me knowing obviously) and when he went to pay for it, their credit machine read declined.

So they swiped it again, same thing. So he financed this ring. The next day I went to use our bank card and it was declined I checked our account here it was negative 900.00 due to the double swipe at Kay's. Furious I confronted him and he told me the story and of course his surprise engagement was ruined thanks to kay jewelers.

He called kay jewelers Monday the 6th of April (he purchased the ring Saturday 4/4/15) they apologized and said they would take care of it right away. Here it is 7days later, his pay check went through to the bank and he is still negative I don't get paid till this coming Friday so we have no money two kids to take care of and Kay's is not by any means taking care of things QUICKLY! They now informed us that the problem may not be fixed until Friday the 17th. Clearly we took the ring back, and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy anything from there again.

I wouldn't recommend kay jewelers to anyone!They ruined the surprise of getting engaged and screwed up our life for 7 days at this point.



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