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It appears that Kay Jewelers are not supporters of


It appears that Kay Jewelers are not supporters of the Constitution of the United States where you are not allowed to enter their store if you are carrying your weapon. My son was asked to leave the store because he had
His weapon on in plain view it's not like he was trying to hide it as well as having his permit on him. I bet if he was in the store and it was being robbed they would be happy for a gun carrying citizen to step in and save the day. From reading all the reviews about this company I am amazed they are still in business. Out of three pages of reviews I did not read one review that was good, no wonder they had to get a new CEO. If all the customers that legally carry their weapons which is their right would stop buying from this piss poor company I'm sure they would have to close their doors and go out of business. That's what's wrong with this country now the fundamentals it was founded on are constantly being pushed to the side or trying to be done away with.



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