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I've been on Ebay and PayPal since the 90's and


I've been on Ebay and PayPal since the 90's and they are horrible.. All their call centers are in the Philippines. Company has now started holding payments on me for ebay sales. 100% positive feedback on ebay for 2 decades.. This is how you can expect to be treated... After all these years I've had enough.. If it wasn't bad enough that they are holding funds, they are now processing and accepting payments from companies that I specifically did not give permission to charge my paypal account. PayPal has now decided to extend me credit for charges from Vonage (another nightmare hell hole of a company with horrible service) and from OnStar (cancelled service and they continue to bill me).. Can only say one thing (RUN)) Run far and run fast away from these companies.. I am now closing my bank accounts, my credit (Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax), and Ebay, PayPal, and now sadly even Newegg... *Chinese sellers promising delivery in 1 week giving out bogus tracking numbers*. May have to quit buying online altogether!!!



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