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I often shop at Walmart. Rarely been disappointed


I often shop at Walmart. Rarely been disappointed in anything I have purchased. But the Walmart located at 9745 Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia, PA was a disasterous experience. First time in the store and I was surprised at how disorganized it was, employees walking all over the place with nothing in their hands and getting more in the way of customers than anything; as I approached one, it was truly an annoyance and she did turn down another aisle to avoid me. It was not my imagination becuase I had someone with me and was told....I think you were being ignored. No one knew where I was suppose to go. I asked for a ruler. employee: 'a what'. Me: a ruler, employee: I have no idea what that is. Me: OMW, I almost fainted. A customer told me it would be in the office supplies. I figured it would be there, but where the dickens was office supplies. Found it. I always thought pointing was rude, but apparently the employees are trained to point to the area you want. I strongly suggest you have a managers meeting with your staff and inform them of some of these facts.



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