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I have flown with American Airlines on business


I have flown with American Airlines on business for 11 years for some 45 to 50 trips. This past March 2017, I needed to make a flight time change of approximately 2 hours. The flight was a one hour trip between Amarillo and Dallas. AA said they would charge $1,000 to make the change and not refund the money for the original flight between Amarillo and Dallas. After several phone calls and arguing with them, I finally decided to drive the 4 1/2 hours and pay an extra $200 for the rental car. In addition, AA also charged me another $350 for the leg from Dallas back home. Essentially, they were paid for the originally scheduled flight from Amarillo to DFW; they had the opportunity to sell that seat to someone else; and they got paid a third time for that same seat with the additional $350. They simply do not care.

My next business trip will be with United.



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