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I have dealt with Express Scripts (Medco) for


I have dealt with Express Scripts (Medco) for years. We got excellent service when it was Medco. Since the change it has been horrible. Our practitioner faithfully sends in our refill scripts at our appointments, then we will get emails stating that there are no refills. I call and have difficulty getting anyone who speaks English very well. The last time I painfully went through all refills with this gentleman (who spoke very poor English) and was assured they would be sent and was later told that I did not have refills (which I know I did). Anyway, I did finally get them refilled but after the calendar year so I was stuck with having to pay my deductible when the medication should have been filled in the previous calendar year.
My husband has gone without medication for extended periods of time (very necessary heart and blood pressure medications) while we wait for Express Scripts to get things straightened out.
What used to be a very convenient, reliable service is not. I wish I could just go to CVS and get our maintenance medications but our plan does not permit that. I would rather have to contribute more (which is not always the case with retail pharmacy) and know that we were going to have what we needed when we needed it.



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