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This is an outrage. For over a month, I have


This is an outrage. For over a month, I have schedule a power disconnect/ reconnect on a huge estate on Jupiter Island. Between the owner preparations and my company preparations... thousands have been spent. On the big morning while everyone is getting ready, the service representative calls our field supervisor to inform them they will be late because of emergencies. It has now been almost 4 hours and thousands in being spent between the owner and us waiting. No phone calls from the FPL service rep, won't respond to our calls, the service center goes straight to voice mail. There is no one to complain to or talk to about who is going to absorb these cost.
Ok, amazingly enough FPL has shown up while writing this review. The operator said that he was not out on emergency calls, that his truck was in for scheduled maintenance!!! Really??? So, I was lied to!! To top it off, he took one look at the transformer and said that he could not cut power off because this particular transformer did not have a built in cut off switch. That I should call FPL and make arrangements to have the FPL transformer changed to a unit that could be switched off. Really!!!! It's not my transformer... it belongs to FPL. Why did the service planner not know this? The service truck tech said he inform his people in the office months ago when I first started making preparations for this.
So, I have lodged a formal complaint for this whole hectic day. I'm suppose to hear back from an FPL representative tomorrow to discuss this issue. Anyone out there want to place bets that call doesn't come?



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