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FPL has the worst customer service!! I was having


FPL has the worst customer service!! I was having problems with the power to my house [power kept going off & lights flickering]. I called multiple times & spoke with two different supervisors. They said that from their end it was not FPL & that I needed to contact an electrician. I had an electrician come to my house at 8:30 PM as an emergency. It cost me $250 dollars. When he evaluated my electrical box he said it was FPL not giving me enough power, only 67 volts from the pole. I had to call FPL again to try & get someone out to my home. Buy the grace of god there was an FPL truck a few blocks away from my house & I convinced him to please look into the problem. He was excellent, climbed up the electrical pole, & replaced whatever needed to be replaced, restoring power. He laughed about FPL customer service & said that they they are clueless!!!



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