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Well - where to begin. I filled out the


Well - where to begin. I filled out the application at the dealer, by hand - how quaint --- then they re-typed it all into the computer -- seems like extra work, eh? I got approved and all as expected - then it was a typical car dealer "hurry up and sign everything" event after making us wait forever on the approval. During the signing, I failed to noticed the local dude transposed my LAST name with my MIDDLE name. Actually we did not notice until I got into my online account the first time. So I called and got the "Oh my, you have to get certified copies of your Birth Certificate, license, etc" and whatever else, to prove you are who you are!! LOL - it showed up on my credit report, with the names transposed, but at least it showed up -- I have given up on fixing it -- they really were no help even though I could prove the application was filled out properly -- Anyways onto #2 rant....
So now I want to start making additional principle only payments, to expedite the payoff, and I noticed there is no option online to do that -- there used to be years ago --- the last time I had a FORD credit account -- so I contact online for their "help" -- and am told "oh just make an additional payment, manually - and after it clears, callus, and we will re-apply the extra payment as principle" -- Really? what is this 1982? I will just save off to the side over the next year and when I get to the payoff amount call and get it over with -- I give customer service a "2" and the customer experience with FORD credit a "0" --



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7/7/2016 *UPDATE* - Well I guess the letter I wrote to the CEO had an effect - although I doubt it -- I called back this week and the CSR I talked to changed my name on the account w/o any difficulties or all the supporting documentation the first dimwit told me I needed. So now they have me with the correct First, Middle and Last name on the account -- sounds like a minor thing, but the first person just turned out to be the wrong person to talk to....The pre-payment issue still remains - I send in money - wait for it to clear then call in and apply it to principle only.

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