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Tried to get help from Ford - They say the can't do anything


We have tried numerous times without avail to get help from Ford. All we get is "sorry, we can't do anything". Well I can. I have posted my thoughts on Facebook and made Tweets about the callous and arrogant treatment we have received with respect to my wrecked car from June 8, 2015. My car is still sitting on the lot at Helfman Ford waiting on a part for over 3 1/2 months. Everyone agrees how bad this is, but will do absolutely nothing to resolve it. In the meantime, my insurance has been maxed out for a rental car and to keep a rental car I now have to pay for it out of my pocket. Progressive who is the insurance company of the person who rear-ended me at a red light has accepted 100% of the liability but won't pay for a rental car or anything else for that matter until the car is repaired. That leaves me in the lurch and I shouldn't be as Ford is the responsible party at this point for not being able to obtain the back ordered part. The part that is back ordered is the left rear quarter panel interior structure. Three and 1/2 months is absolutely unreasonable. I have never experienced this in my entire 64 years. Ford's behavior is totally reprehensible. I have lost all respect for Ford Motor Company.

I have owned several Fords in my lifetime and until now was always satisfied. To add insult to injury I have paid this car off in full and Ford in effect is denying me the right to drive it. I guess it means the more you pay for something doesn't make it worth it.

You probably won't post this and that's fine. I just want the CEO, Mark Fields and the Chairman of the Board, William Ford to read this. You can rest assured that I will not stop here. What Ford is doing unspeakable? And you all make it very difficult to get in touch with anyone of importance.




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