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Ford Credit failed to send me a statement 4 months


Ford Credit failed to send me a statement 4 months in a row. They did not tell me why nor would the give my brother an address on where to mail the check when I was on respite. Giving a mailing address is NOT intrusion into any account. They claimed that the post office returned my bill to them which I find it hard to believe as I have been living in the same place for 19 years. Instead of calling me they stopped sending me a bill. As a person with MS, I sometimes have short term memory problems. But if the bill went through for thirteen months why would they stop sending it?? Reading the comments about the other people who had problems with the so called "customer service" people at the office it seems to me that a training course or a mass firing is in order. If Ford Credit MAKES an error, it is not up to the customer to correct it . It is customer service job to fix the error and provide the so called service they are being paid for.



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