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Was trying to get a copy of my credit report and


Was trying to get a copy of my credit report and score due to a credit denial. Waste a lot of time finding a phone number, then you have to go through loops to get correct number, then a referral to another number. Be prepared to a lengthy wait, and hope you like the classical music in your ears while somebody finally answer the phone.

Secondly, a credit denial gives you the telephone numbers of the three credit bureau to contact. I'm seeking a CREDIT SCORE the three digit numerical numbers, not spending time reading 4 or 5 sheets of paper. If the report is free, why do a consumer have to pay for the score???? The bureaus spends lots of time soliciting other products which I made no inquiry or need. I would think the score is derived from information contained within the credit report, not a random selection of meaningless numbers. When talking to a representative, basically my question was replied with same question I had asked. There have been isolated instances where the creditor would furnish you the score FREE and reason for denial. Enough said>



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