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Well the above star does not really represent how


Well the above star does not really represent how I feel about Directv - IT SHOULD BE A MINUS 5 STARS. Every time I call I end up in the Philippines. I have nothing against Filipinos, but I live in the US and I expect to talk to someone in the US and receive service from someone in the US. I don't know I thought Directv and now AT&T was a US company. With all the people out of work in the US you would think they could hire those individuals to work for them so that people here in the US can communicate with someone who understands english. I really get irritated when they tell me that can't transfer me to someone in the US. HELLO!!!! You are part of American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T). Now because the tech's truck broke down last week and they wait until the last few minutes of the window for them to show up at my door to tell me to reschedule, this week coming up on the last hour of the window and still no tech. What a joke. I can take off 2 days of work to accommodate them, but they couldn't be considerate and put me in first appointment for the window. They are truly a horrible customer service company anymore.



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