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It's real nice to be able to sell a car or


It's real nice to be able to sell a car or household items on Craigslist. Ive done this for 15 years and 3 days ago, one of my ads for selling a truck was removed. I am in awe! Don't know what happen here. I don't know if it was craigslist who removed it or if it was a scammer I was dealing with you reported my ad to be removed because I wouldn't do it HIS WAY ! This ad for a truck for sale was a purchase to be made by cash only. No layaway, no western union and no PAY PAL!!! Bring the cash with you and if you like what you see, then be prepared to make the purchase. This gentlemen was being hardheaded and wanted me accept his PAYPAL payment. I refused and told him to stop contacting me.
If it was Craigslist who removed it, I would like to know why?



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