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I have used Craigslist for years and sold many


I have used Craigslist for years and sold many items. Over the last several weeks most of my posts have been flagged for absolutely no reason. I can understand one or two even though I know how to word but it looks like I am being targeted somehow. I have asked for help in the Forum and even when I took their advise items still got flagged. I just posted a TV and again it was flagged, it's in electronics, I have pictures so don't understand issue. You also have some very nasty people responding in the Forum who are telling people they are selling junk, are over priced, are dealers (because they have several items on site). I am retired and downsizing so I have numerous items I would like to sell some of which are antique or expense. No Craigslist representative should be telling me my price is too high as it is for the potential buyer to negotiate if they want the item.
Craigslist needs to be the responsible party for allowing items to be flagged and control those who are doing this unnecessarily. I don't want to go back to the Forum asking why flagged I would hope someone at Craigslist would be the one to help.



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