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My husband was on his Boost Moblie phone and his


My husband was on his Boost Moblie phone and his acct was disconnected while using it just paid the bill for family plan 120.00 and Virgin Mobile rep switched his number to someone else acct. Now they are giving my husband the run around switching back and forth between companies putting him on hold for more then 1hour rude csr place you on don't transfer you to a supervisor and if they do transfer you they say the problem is getting escalated we need virgin to switch the number back over and over my hubby had to go to Emergency room cause his head start hurting and his chest had pain it don't make no since how can another phone company still a number without a person's permission and he getting treated like the bad person he been with boost over six year same number he done change so many phones over the last 6years and still have the same number identity theft is out of control it all in the companies now dont make no since go on 7 on your side put them on blast theyact like they solving a murder case it should just as easy to switch a number back as it is to switch it wrongfully



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