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what a pain in the ass. made a claim because my


what a pain in the ass. made a claim because my droid turbo 2 had issues with the charging port.(quit charging). the filing a claim process took 4 days, via computer. once it was processed and my $149 deductible was processed it showed up the next morning. took 30 minutes to transfer service over to the replacement phone. So I tried out all the functions of my phone and found out that the external speaker wasn't working, plugged it into stand alone speakers and that didn't work either. pressing the speaker function actually made it quieter and distorted. so I called assurion got hung up on 3 times after waiting to talk to somebody and being transferred to warranty division. the fourth try resulted in me getting transferred to Verizon wireless, in which he placed the call and stayed on the line until we got somebody to resolve the issue. end result is they are sending another replacement phone tomorrow. they said this phone was a new phone when they sent it.. on the verge of cancelling my claim and refunding my $149 deductible (which takes 1-2 billing cycles to refund) and keeping my old phone and making it work. cheaper to get the phone repaired vs insurance claim.... not sure what the purpose of this insurance company is besides making money for themselves.(Im wondering if I can back charge them for the 2 hrs it took me to actually get a resolution to my problem/ 2 hours lost that im not going to get back)



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