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Company rating left blank we had purchased Tickets


Company rating left blank we had purchased Tickets Feb 22 2017 for a flight to Cancun from Dayton Ohio this flight was to leave at 10:55am we get emailed flight leaving @ 12:30 am we went to airport @ 10:30 already check in on line went to counter to ck baggage the lady said we have no room for your ck Baggage could you take another flight what was we only to do I guess we have to they book us @ 4:15 pm waiting in airport from 10:30 Am
they did not offer us any compensation for the mistake they made overbooking We did not get to our Resort until 12:30 am 5/28/2017 I called from Dayton to change our time for pick up from Cancun Airport well the Driver did not get the Message so then we had to find another Transfer. When I returned Home I called Customer Service they said can't help you. So i filed complaint on AA web page we got a responds a e Voucher a $100.00 what a joke we lost one day at the resort no food for time arrival Restaurant closed.

Richard 6/6/2017


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