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Cancelled a full flight on June 2 going to Jackson


Cancelled a full flight on June 2 going to Jackson Hole - vacation spot - after 4 hour delay. Then had no options for rebooking - except 3 days later. We had to go and book ourselves to a different airport and drive an extra 4 hours to get to our hotel. They offered us a $200 voucher for our trouble. They care NOTHING about customer service. Time to start complaining to our Congress and start videoing these awful experiences and putting them out there for everyone to see. That is the way the culture gets changed these days. Make a public statement and shame them into acting like a decent company with some ethics.
Look how fast the lawsuit was settled when everyone videod the man man being dragged off the plane. So please everyone, take out your phones and lets get these airlines to have some decency when we pay their outrageous rates and their corporate officers are making millions.



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