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I am the administrator for my brother's estate and


I am the administrator for my brother's estate and while clearing his name in his credit report I found that Consumer Cellular is on this creditor' reports. I had cancelled his account in 2011 and they agreed on this but they kept charging my brother until now September 2016. When I contacted Consumer Cellular who is sponsored by AARP they told me that the $10.00 a month they charged my brother was for emergencies only not for personal calls. They kept charging him although he was dead. No attempt was made to call him on his new line. When AARP sends us a newsletter it asks us if we as seniors have any info on scams and I'm letting AARP know and all Seniors out there that Consumer Cellular is a scam and AARP should stop backing them up on TV and on their newsletter. When I tried to contact AARP their newsletter does not have a friendly customer number for those seniors that do not have a computer. Shame of them for supporting a scam vendor like Consumer Cellular. Get out there and smell the real scammers. Did AARP get too big. I think so!



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