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have you received my money order. I am waiting for


have you received my money order. I am waiting for my membership. I have been waiting since sept 3 ,2016.
due to a divorce my name is ruined mara dieaz cheavxez is very hateful . for three year no one talks to me I find books to read . nasty hateful weman they threw me of school zryprexa is no sex . forced on me. zyprez is psycrtropic pills for weman to laugh to woman a homosexual . research psi 55067-097 unit team denied. .people look at me a fabricated piece of garbage , no job barred. seven oaks told me I will starve and no house,. as they graduated and I didn't. sp 1500 cv 283472 nft psychology services are forced to fabricated me starved homosexual ask all weman they bar no job then simutaenously no woman coerced fag. white grew in rage as I grew up. I read I am note invited no were . research jastro park. 1501 556727 divorce ask how they downgrade .
marena was a trained prosduitutue no life in America . all restruant seat in a toilet

vincent ramirez 9/22/2016


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