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Have been receiving dunning notices that I MUST


Have been receiving dunning notices that I MUST pay my membership fee. Checked the card, which states I am good for at least TWO more years, so I disregarded until they now threaten to cancel my membership. Hmmm.
So I foolishly called the "OUR-AARP" phone number only to be greeted by endless pitches to buy stuff or services. NEVER got to an AARP rep. despite the website saying the call center was open until 11:00 PM my time. Found an email link on the website. Clicking it does NOTHING. I was able to copy and paste the address, buy WHY BOTHER?? If they won't answer their phone, why would I have any reason to think they would answer an email (with a non-functional link!). Went online and found a number for customer service, that actually is answered, and SUPPOSEDLY the issue was taken care of. [866-839-0463]. Pleasant call taker. However, I am beginning to think this whole operation is either incompetent, or an outright scam.



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